When you took a look at your roof condition last time? Many homeowners ignore their roof until it is too late and they have to face the major problem. Many roofing problem fixed within small maintenance amount if you caught it before. Regularly checking roof can help to extend the life of your roof. But roof need regular maintenance to increase the lifespan. If you spot some of the most common roof issues, you can prolong the life of your roof for sure. Here, we will discuss the 5 most common roofing problems and how can we fix them.

Common roofing problems and how to fix them

Roof Leak

The most frequent roofing issue that most homeowners face is most likely leaks in the roof.  Numerous roof problems, such as broken shingles, could be the cause of the leaks. Leaks are typically located near chimneys, gutters, flashing points, and pipes or vents. Checking the attic is the best method to detect the leak, which is typically situated several feet away from the breach. Look for black markings, mold, or water stains in the attic using a torch. If the ceiling is vaulted and access to the attic is restricted, the problem may only be visible from the roof. Having a professional roofer is the best approach to solving it.

Improper Maintenance

Improper maintenance, which is common in larger buildings, is another significant issue with the roofing.  Commercial roofs are more difficult to maintain than residential roofs since they are larger and made of different materials. Maintaining your roof is essential for preventing frequent problems, including leaks, damages, and moisture retention. Hiring highly qualified professionals is always the best approach to maintaining the condition of your roof.

Poor roof ventilation

A severe issue with your roofing system can result from poor ventilation. Inadequate ventilation on roofs can lead to rot and moisture accumulation. Fortunately, skilled roofers like EcoShield Roofing can evaluate ventilation and make improvements to increase airflow. In addition to preventing damage to the roof structure, this helps control temperature, and to find and fix any ventilation issues, routine inspections are necessary. Purchasing high-quality ventilation systems is essential for a roof that lasts longer.

Pooling water

Water pooling on your roof is not a good idea and is more of a problem with flat roofs than with pitched roofs. That being said, it can occur on either and is a serious cause of concern. If you have standing water on your roof, it indicates that the drainage and guttering systems are not receiving enough water from your roof. If unattended, accumulating water might cause your roof to collapse since it will weigh more than it can support overall. If you see water collecting on your roof, it is advised that you try to hire a professional roofing contractor to fix the problem to prevent major risks. This is a serious problem that might cost you thousands to fix.

The issue with design and installation

A lot of roofing issues are directly related to poor construction. You might not be aware of what defines high-quality work if you are unfamiliar with roof installation and repairs. You will experience wear and tear and water collection more quickly if the roofer fails to properly prepare the area and materials. It is a given that using incompatible materials will result in roof issues on the road.  To combat this, when choosing a roofing contractor, take your time. High-quality businesses may cost more, but they are skilled and employ the best materials, designs, and installation methods. But before you choose your next roofing provider, make sure you ask the appropriate questions.

Shrinking membranes

Roofing materials subjected to extreme weather conditions, such as long periods of high temperatures, significant precipitation, or heavy snowfall, are commonly affected by membrane shrinking. Your roof membrane may shrink more readily if there is a sudden change in temperature, either from heat to cold or the other way around.  We know that poorly built roofing membranes are generally more susceptible to shrinking, although this problem also occurs with pitched and flat roofs that are properly fitted.  Maintaining and inspecting your roof regularly will help lower the chance of membrane shrinkage and make is easier for roofers to find problems immediately.

Don’t let small roofing problems turns into the big

As your roof ages, your roof experience leakage, broken vents, algae buildup. But if you do regular maintenance, it will help you to extend the lifespan. If you are looking for roof maintenance services or any roofing need in Winston-Salem or surrounding area. EcoShield Roofing provide the best roofing services. We server Winston-Salem with residential as well as commercial roofing services. Don’t hesitate to contact us at (336)-937-9673 for free roof inspection.

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Author: William Sessions

William Sessions started a roofing business in 2018 with a mission to create high-quality roofs for Winston-Salem and surrounding areas. He did jobs for Safeco, Liberty Mutual, All-State, and Nationwide for two years. In that experience, he learned how to properly inspect for Hail, Wind and other damages to shingles that would impact insurance claims. After that, he started his own family business and proudly served roofing service in North Carolina. He leverages his roofing knowledge and provides useful insights through blogs on ecoshieldnc.com