When it comes to roof repairs, every homeowner needs a reliable roofer they can rely on. If you’re hiring for the first time, finding the right roofing specialist can be difficult. Because roof replacement is not a common occurrence, many companies are unconcerned about providing high-quality services.  As a result, a homeowner should take caution while selecting a roofing contractor. A professional roofing company can provide you with piece of mind and help you save money on repairs.

It’s essential to engage with a reputable roofing company for your project, whether you need a quick roof repair or a complete roof replacement. However, with so many companies providing their services, choosing the appropriate one for your needs might be difficult. While it may be tempting to choose the lowest quote, this may result in poor service. This is why you must carefully consider your choices.

Let’s discuss about what you should do when hiring a professional roofing company now that you know what happens when you use cheap workers or order cheap supplies. EcoShield Roofing, one of the top roofing companies in Winston-Salem, NC, reveals several characteristics to look for when choosing a contractor. These are characteristics that every good roofing company should have.


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8 Traits Every Good Roofing Company Should Have

1. They Offer FREE Estimates

The last thing a homeowner wants to worry about, especially after storm damage, is having to pay for a roof inspection. Before they have to take the next step toward installation, a qualified roofer will come out for a free estimate and assist them in the early steps of budgeting and filing insurance claims. Most roofers will provide you with a free estimate, but they will charge you a minimal fee for a more thorough inspection and diagnosis. By offering a free estimate to potential consumers, they not only inspire them to call, but they also demonstrate that they understand the need for homeowners to repair or replace their roof.

2. They are certified and licensed

Your chosen roofer should be able to provide you with a present license as well as all appropriate insurance papers. This license is proof that the contractor has proven their skills and ability by passing all of the license board’s mandatory tests, while the insurance is for your personal protection. Liability insurance protects you from unexpected costs incurred as a result of contractor negligence, such as damage and injuries. Our operating license is current at EcoShield Roofing, and we provide extensive insurance plans for your peace of mind.

Look for roofing contractors who have completed further training. Whether they’ve been qualified for education and training within their staff, or they’ve been licensed in a specific brand or material installation. These can demonstrate their commitment to the work they undertake by continuing to obtain licenses and certifications from respectable companies and manufactures. Employees and subcontractors should be insured by a trustworthy organization. For verification purposes, you can request a copy of the insurance certificate. If an uninsured employee causes an accident on the job, the homeowner may face additional costs.

3. Expertise in Roofing

Your prospective roofer should also have demonstrated abilities, understanding, and expertise in all types of roofing. It is preferable to hire a roofing contractor rather than a general contractor. This way, you can be confident that your roofer is knowledgeable about the roofing system you’ve chosen. Jack the Roofer is a reliable roofing storm damage contractor as well as a roof repair and replacement company. We can help you with your insurance claims for roofing damage in addition to fixing your roof.

When opting for a roofing business, experience is a must. The most common cause of roofing issues is improper installation. You can buy standard materials, but your roof will have problems if the roofer is inexperienced. To establish the company’s level of experience, look at how long it has been in business.

4. Quality Materials are Used

When it comes to roofing, a reputable roofing company will ensure that the client uses the best materials. Many businesses are only interested in making money, not the best interests of their customers. Cheap is costly, and if the roofing materials are of poor quality, the homeowner will be out of pocket.

5. Good Communication Skills

A competent roofing contractor will communicate effectively and respond quickly. As previously said, having a permanent number and an office administrator can help with this. Stay careful from contractors who make you play phone tag or who don’t follow through on their claims of next business day responses. You generally don’t want to do business with a contractor who is hard to reach. Fast response times, keeping promises, and communicating clearly throughout the process are all important attributes of a good contractor.

When you’re not on the site, a good company should have a webpage where you can contact them. Examine how they respond to other customers and reviews. Do they have any favorable or negative customer service reviews? You’ll be able to judge them from there. The homeowner should be informed on the status of the roofing project. As a result, a trustworthy contractor should be open and honest. They should also be available to answer questions with relevant information at any time.

6. Local Recommendations and Referrals

When it comes to finding a reliable roofer, reviews and referrals are more important than anything else. To select the correct one, you’ll need to spend some time reading through excellent and especially poor evaluations. Additionally, before you begin your search, ask friends and relatives for recommendations. If someone you trust would recommend a company to you, you can definitely trust them as well.

Hiring a local company has numerous advantages. First, the company and its reputation are well-known in your area. The company is also familiar with the weather conditions in the area, so they can best advise you on the best roofing materials.  Furthermore, a local business will be simple to track down in the event of an emergency. Finally, a quality roofing company has a reputation to uphold, and as a result, excellent roofing is what they seek to provide to their customers.

Look for testimonials and client feedback or reviews on these roofer websites. It’s a good sign if they can show off some positive client comments. Read some of the reviews and see what people are saying instead of just looking at the star rating. It can mean the difference between an average roofer receiving positive feedback and an exceptional roofer who would have customers returning again and again if they could.

7. They Have a Permanent Business Location

A home remodeling firm with a permanent office is likely to be more structured and well-run than one that operates on the road. A good roofer will have a receptionist or administrator who will take appointments, return calls, and handle all scheduling and follow-up to assure the best possible service. A roofer without a permanent phone or office location may also be a dead giveaway that they are a fly-by-night roofer. They swoop in from out of state to get business after storms or during peak roofing season.

8. They Offer Comprehensive Warranties

A roofing project is a long and expensive process. As a result, a good company should offer a material and workmanship warranty. It’s a good idea to find out how many warranty years a company offers. Before making a selection, you may always browse about and compare prices with other companies. You’ll have piece of mind knowing that the company will only perform best installation.

When you have a new roof installed, you can frequently be confident that the materials will be covered by a manufacturer’s warranty. When looking for a roofing contractor, consider what materials they stand behind and what guarantees they offer. What you want is a good warranty that covers any material failure for the life of the roof. Look for roofing contractors who offer a workmanship warranty as well. Their labor and installation will be covered by a workmanship warranty. You may be covered if your roof suffers damage or malfunctions as a result of the way it was installed.

A workmanship warranty also demonstrates that this contractor stands behind their work and wants to showcase to you that they are trustworthy. With their thorough warranties, they make things right if something goes wrong. Roof replacement is an expensive investment, so you should be confident in your decision and never have to worry about paying for a repair later due to the contractor’s negligence.

Watch Out For Red Flags During Estimates

It’s a significant red flag if a contractor asks you to obtain the essential permit for roofing installation. This most likely indicates that they are not fully licensed and hence lack the knowledge and competence to correctly install your roof. Also, be wary of companies with high turnaround times or those who require you to sign documentation before visiting your property. A trustworthy company will usually only offer to work with you after inspecting your roof and providing you with a reasonable quotation. Before that, don’t fall for any contractors.

To get the best deal on your roof replacement you need to speak to an experienced roof replacement contractor. They will be able to give you a range that it could fall in after some questions, but they shouldn’t give you a quote without inspecting your roof first.

EcoShield Roofing specializes in roof replacements and repair for metal and shingle roofs. We are a roofing business with all the correct credentials and the required local and state licenses to get your job done right. 

We also offer roof repair and gutter installation to ensure that your roof continues to work properly for years to come. To get started on your new roof, schedule a free estimate now!

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Author: William Sessions

William Sessions started a roofing business in 2018 with a mission to create high-quality roofs for Winston-Salem and surrounding areas. He did jobs for Safeco, Liberty Mutual, All-State, and Nationwide for two years. In that experience, he learned how to properly inspect for Hail, Wind and other damages to shingles that would impact insurance claims. After that, he started his own family business and proudly served roofing service in North Carolina. He leverages his roofing knowledge and provides useful insights through blogs on ecoshieldnc.com