9 Warning Signs You Need a Roof Replacement in Lewisville


Oftentimes, a roof will reach the end of its useful life without causing a roof failure. It’s difficult to overestimate the value of a solid, long-lasting roof. It shields you from rain and snow, keeps you warm at night, and keeps you and your family safe from the elements. There are obvious signs that you need a roof replacement in Lewisville, NC in many circumstances, but roof damage can strike without warning at any time.

This is why it’s critical to keep a close check on your roof and inspect it for signs of deterioration on a regular basis. Delaying the replacement of an outdated roof could lead to more severe problems down the road.

Is your aging roof in need of repair or replacement? Perhaps you’ve noticed your roof’s signs of wear and tear are growing worse. Or perhaps a strong storm recently passed through your area and caused you some damage.

If you feel that your roof is damaged, you should act quickly and contact a roofer. Here are the 9 warning signs that you need a new roof replacement in Lewisville, NC

Roof Replacement in Lewisville


Obvious Leaks

An evident leak, for example, is one of the most prevalent symptoms that your roof needs to be replaced. Roof leaks can happen for various causes, from worn-out components to storm damage. Water can seep in between the roofs and into the rest of the house as roofing materials deteriorate. During rainstorms, this results in water penetration and often noticeable spots. Small leaks can sometimes be fixed or repaired by a roofing contractor, but minor leaks sometimes go undetected until they become much more extensive and demand a more expensive treatment.

Roof leaks are one of the most visible symptoms that your roof is failing. Look for any evidence of water incursion, as this one is where significant leaks in your home are most likely to start.

It’s time to consider replacing your roof if you have a persistent roof leak or many leaks throughout the roof. The proper method to determine the amount of the damage is to hire a professional roofing company to check it. Reach out to us here at EcoShield roofing for any signs.



Roof Cracks

Wind damage is a common cause of a cracked roof. If the cracks only affect a few roofs, replacing them is the most cost-effective option. On the other hand, if there are cracks scattered throughout the roof, it’s a sure sign that it’s time to replace it. We recommend replacing your roof within three to five years if you find significant cracks in your roof.

You can also inspect for cracks in your roof by getting up to your attic and turning off the lights. Light coming through could indicate that your roof has holes and cracks that need to be repaired as soon as possible. Check to see if your roof can be repaired or if it needs to be replaced entirely. Contact a roof replacement contractor right away.



Poor Energy Efficiency

Air can readily come in and out of a poorly insulated roof, resulting in high operational costs, especially during the coldest months.

Has your heating bill been steadily growing each winter? If that’s the case, it could be due to a poorly insulated roof. Although most homeowners focus on insulating their doors and windows to lower their energy bills, the roof is frequently the source of the problem.




While many roofs nowadays are made to last, a variety of circumstances might hasten the aging of roofs. If your roof isn’t correctly vented, it can damage your roofing.



Roof Rot

A decaying roof can cause major structural problems in your home. When wood is exposed to dampness for an extended period of time, it rots, causing fungus to grow and damage a structure. It’s critical to be able to spot a rotting roof immediately so that harm is avoided.

Your roof is your shield from different types of elements but on the other hand, water is your roof’s worst enemy, and if your roof’s moisture protection system is compromised, it’s only a matter of time before it rots. Look at your roof with binoculars from the ground to see if there are any holes in the roof or tears in the flashing. If this is the case, the underlying roof deck is vulnerable to the weather and will deteriorate if it hasn’t already. If this occurs, contact a specialist immediately to get the problem fixed.


Roof Replacement in Lewisville Roof Replacement in Lewisville Roof Replacement in Lewisville Roof Replacement in Lewisville



Moss and Algae

Moisture is present if you see green and gray moss and algae on the exterior of your roofs. While algae and moss may appear to be harmless, they can both cause your roofing to disintegrate and spread to the roof deck below, causing much more damage. You still should have it checked whether the growth is caused by a ventilation problem or a clogged drainage system.

Moss can grow on roofs that receive little sunshine, especially in cool, humid areas. Moss growth isn’t always only a cosmetic concern. Moss traps moisture on the roof surface, which can harm the granules on the top of the roof overtime in freezing climates. Brushing off moss will not prevent it from coming again; be careful not to damage the roof surface, it’s possible that you’ll need to hire a roofing contractor.



Sagging Roofline

If a sagging roofline is accompanied by apparent roofing damage, leaks, or water damage, it’s critical to take action before the condition worsens. A sinking roofline might cause a temporary or permanent cave-in in some situations.

Looking at the form of your roofline is another technique to tell if you need a new roof. Straight and powerful rooflines are essential. It’s crucial to figure out what’s causing the sinking, curling, or noticeable sagging. A water-saturated roof deck can produce a sagging roofline, which can be caused by a frame issue. If this is the case, a new roof may be required to resolve the issue.

Your roof’s ridge should be perfectly straight, so call a roofer right away if you see a sag or saddleback in the middle. This could indicate a significant problem with the roof support beams and studs, which could already be rotting. Poor roofing materials, improper installation, or too much weight from ice and snow can all contribute to roof drooping.



Interior Water Damage

Water entering your home is almost always the result of a roof system failure. If your ceiling has water stains, it could be the consequence of interior water damage.

The presence of a visible drip isn’t the only indication of a roof leak. A leaking roof, for example, will frequently result in interior water damage. Streaks, stains, or water spots in your home’s attic, ceiling, or walls are common signs of this. Other difficulties, such as a busted pipe, leaking appliance, or defective faucet, can result in water damage. A leaky roof is most likely to blame if it appears in the attic, on the ceiling, or towards the tops of your walls.



Storm Damage

Homes in Lewisville, NC are particularly vulnerable. High-speed wind, for example, can pull roofs completely off a house or elevate them, causing them to break. As a result, the roof is more vulnerable to leaks and UV damage. Windstorms that are followed by rain or snow can swiftly infiltrate into the roofing structure, causing water damage. Wind-borne debris can also blow onto your roof, puncturing the roofing.

One of the most common reasons for roof replacement is storm damage. This is because large storms can wreak havoc on roofs, regardless of their condition before the storm.

Whether your roof is aging, you can see signs of damage, or the roof recently sustained a heavy storm, it’s essential to act fast when you suspect a problem! Although roof damage can be repaired if caught early, it can progress quickly if left alone! Scheduling an inspection with a residential roofing company is the best way to determine if a repair will be enough to fix the damage or if you need a new roof. These inspections are usually free and don’t require a commitment.





So, if you think you might need a new roof in Lewisville, NC, our team of professionals would be happy to assist you! EcoShield Roofing specializes in roof replacements and metal and shingle roofs. We are a roofing business with all the correct credentials and the required local and state licenses to get your job done right. 

We also offer roof repair and gutter installation to ensure that your roof continues to work properly for years to come. To get started on your new roof, schedule a free estimate now!

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