When considering whether to install a gutter guard, the homeowner must weigh the long-term benefits against the upfront costs. While some may question whether gutter guards are worth installing, homeowners seeking gutter protection and less maintenance for their homes will likely find the benefits outweigh the costs. You can check out the benefits of gutter guards and types of gutter guards in this article below. Are you looking for gutter guards installation, gutter guard cleaning in Winston-Salem and surrounding areas then this post is for you!

Types of gutter guards

PVC gutter guards

Homeowners prefer PVC gutter guards because they resemble professionally fitter gutter guards but are substantially less expensive.  PVC covers that snap onto your gutter system typically work better.

Mesh Guards

Mesh guards are great at keeping debris out of gutters despite having somewhat wider holes than micro mesh.

Screen Guards

Screen protectors are reasonably priced and prevent bigger particles from clogging the gutter system.

Brush Guards

A brush is placed within a gutter to form a brush guard. Large bristles prevent dirt while allowing water to circulate

Perforated gutter guards

Long metal sheets with holes, or perforated gutter guards, allow water to pass through. Perforated gutter guards, which are often constructed of aluminum, block medium size to big particles to prevent clogged gutters.

Surface tension gutter guards

Gutter guards with surface tension serve as a shield to keep debris out of your gutter system.

Foam Gutter guards

For homeowners who wish to save money on gutter guards, foam gutter guards are an affordable DIY solution.

Benefits of Gutter Guards

They guard your house

The gutter blockage is a major problem for homes, plain and simple. Heavy rains that overflow your gutters can seriously compromise the structural integrity of your property.

Save cost and time

Gutter guards, cleaning your gutters is simple. You need to clean your gutters will decrease significantly over time, saving you time. You can still save money by performing simpler maintenance, even if you hire professional help.

Building damage

Gutter and downspout obstruction are major causes of foundation deterioration. Water that overflows the gutter collects near your foundation, leading to erosion and cracks in the foundation.

Increase the lifespan of your gutters and Home

Your gutters may begin to pool water when debris clogs them. Your gutters are more likely to rust because of the dampness. You may extend the lifespan of your system by utilizing gutter guards.

Protect your home from water seepage and leaks

Your walls and roof may begin to leak water as a result of blocked gutters. Rot and stains results from water damage both inside and outside your home. Leak and water damage can be expensive to fix, so prevention is essential.

Improve home value

You will need to lower the price if you want to sell a house without gutter guards. Nobody wants to begin house repairs. People want a ready-to-move-in home where they can relax.

Fire safety

Metal gutter guards may help protect your home if you live in a bushfire prone location. when a gutter is full of dry twigs and debris, one ember can start a fire. There is nothing to catch fire if an ember falls into a clean gutter.

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