What is slate roofing?

Choose the which type of roofing material to used on your home roof is a big decision. Obviously, looks matter, but choosing a roof replacement is about more than just looks. Your roof is the primary line of defense of your home against sun, wind, precipitation, and other weather elements. You need a roofing material which delivers reliable protection. You also want something that is built to last with a minimum maintenance.

A slate roof remains a popular choice. Slate roofing is one of the long lasting roofing material and people have been putting slate on everything from homes, to castles, to cathedrals for many centuries. Thus, slate roofing continues to hold its place as the gold standard roofing.

Pros of slate roofing

Slate roof is a special and valuable material because of its durability, simple and low in weight yet delicate look. Among the main advantages of slate roofing are below:

1. Longevity

If installed properly, slate roofs can endure for more than a century. Slate is the roofing material with the longest lifespan, therefore it’s a wise investment.

2. Expensive to repair

Slate roofs can easily be damaged during repairs if the work is not conducted by an experienced contractor. For instance, a slate roof can be readily damaged by a professional working on your air conditioner from the rooftop, and the expense of restoring this damage can be high.

3. Eco friendly option

Slate is a naturally occurring material that needs minimal processing, making it an ecofriendly choice. Furthermore reducing its economical impact is the fact that it is recyclable.

4. Constructed to last

A slate roof should last 50 to 200 years, whereas an asphalt roof should typically last 20 to 30 years. Slat is desirable alternative for people who don’t want to replace their roof in their lifetime. Slate is a naturally occurring material that may be recycled for several uses once its usage as your homes roof is over.

Cons of Slate Roof

1. Skilled roofer

Slate roofer is important to make sure your roofer is skilled in installing slate roofs. You must conduct careful research because not all licensed roofers posses the expertise required to take on a project of this nature.

2. Weight

Compared to other roofing material, slate roof are heavier, It is essential that you inspect your homes foundation to make sure it is strong enough to support slate.

3. Installation

It can be difficult to locate a reputable business because some installers could not offer slate installation. It is essential to locate a reputable business that can complete the work with excellence.

Ten things to know about slat roof installation

Slate is a type of material that is used to make roofing materials. Slate roofs are known for their longevity and durability and have been utilized for generations. Slate roof can, in fact, endure up to 150 years with the right upkeep. Slate roofs are a great option for houses in wildlife prone locations because they reflect heat and are resistant to fire. Slate roof are more costly than other roof kinds, but they are well worth the investment because of their many advantages.  Slate roofing is the best option if you want to ensure that your house is safe from harm for many generation to come.

Here ten thing to know about the Slat roof installation:

  1. With the right care, slate roofs are strong and can endure for many years.
  2. Slate roofs offer superior weather protection and are resistant to fire.
  3. A slate roof can increase the value and sale price of your house.
  4. Termites won’t be able to burrow under your slate roof.
  5. To stop the formation of moss and algae, slate roof need to be cleaned and cleaned on a regular basis.
  6. A professional slate roofer should install slate roofs, this is not a do it yourself project.
  7. Snowmelt and rainwater just slide lower a slate roof.
  8. Slate doesn’t burn like wood or asphalt, which need to be treated with a fire resistant product.
  9. Slate is formed by nature rather than by humans, every tile has an individual look.
  10. Slate is naturally fire resistance, many insurance companies offer discounts for home with slate roofs.

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