Great Things To Learn About Asphalt Roofing Repair

Things you should learn about asphalt roofing repair, including replacing a seriously damaged shingle and mending ripped or curled asphalt shingles? Roofing issues manifest themselves as leaks and drips. Repair leaking roofs before they cause damage to ceilings and walls; better yet, inspect your roof at least once a year before storm season begins and after a major storm, if necessary.

Bend over a corner of one or two shingles on the sunniest side of the roof to assess their condition; if they shatter rather than flex, or if they appear gray and swollen, the material is nearing the end of its useful life. Another problem is wear, a gathering of mineral granules in gutters or at the base of downspouts indicates that the asphalt shingles’ protective mineral surface is eroding.

Pretend you experienced a storm the night before and discovered a few shingles in your yard. Looking above, you notice that some of your old asphalt roof shingles need to be replaced. Don’t panic; replacing shingles on your roof, as well as correcting minor storm damage is not a big job and well within the skills of the home handyman. It only takes a few tools, which are common in most homeowners’ toolkits, and some time.

However, don’t put off this little job for too long; missing or broken shingles can turn a perfectly excellent roof into a severe leak repair, causing damage to floors or ceilings below. It’s not worthwhile.

Look for bald areas, cracks, and curled shingles as well. Small tears, cracks, and holes can be mended, but shingles that are missing or significantly damaged must be replaced. When your roof has several leaks or many broken shingles, it’s probably time to replace the entire roof. Remember to save a few extra shingles while installing a new roof so you’ll have matching replacements in the future.

The most popular type of roofing, asphalt, is quite simple to repair or replace, but make sure you can work securely and comfortably on it before you do it. Make your repairs on a clear, warm day so that the asphalt and shingles are both more flexible. When on the roof, take your time and be cautious.


Asphalt Roofing Repair

You’ll Need These Tools

Ladder – Getting onto the roof will, of course, necessitate the use of a ladder or other means of access.

Some type of heat – depending on the weather, may also be beneficial. Existing shingles must be carefully bent out of the way, and cold shingles can and will crack under the pressure.   The shingles curved nicely in the mid-thirties (F) temperatures.

Pry bar – Should be reasonably wide and flat will for it to be extremely beneficial. 12–18 inches long and 2 inches width is a good estimate.

Hammer and a handful of roofing nails – It will be required to drive new nails. These aren’t ordinary nails; they have a particularly huge head.

Razor knife (boxcutter) – This is important if the damaged shingle is on the roof’s edge, or could be another sharp tool.

How to Replace Damaged Shingles

Slide the new shingle into place. To either side, align the bottom of the shingle with adjacent shingles. The new shingle will not completely fill the gap between the shingles on each side; make sure to balance the gaps between the shingles. If the shingle needs to be lifted slightly to slip over staples, nails, or the next shingle, carefully move a hand up under it and lift slightly.

Roll the shingle above the replacement carefully until the tar line is well exposed, as this is where the nails should be driven in.

Drive two nails through each tab, for a total of six nails per shingle. The nails will hold both the new shingle and the one beneath it if pushed through the tar line.

Allow a little palm pressure to let the upper, rolled-up shingle relax back into place. If feasible, add a little heat to assist melt the tar and seal the new shingle to the older existing one underneath it.

Four shingles were to be replaced, plus one that was damaged when “unsticking” it from the broken one, for a total of five shingles. I will take roughly an hour to complete the operation; a minor investment to secure your home’s investment.

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Author: William Sessions

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