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We are Greensboro's Gutter and roofing professionals! Runoff rainwater from your roof and pooling water in your yard can quickly destroy your property. The best way to avoid this is by installing the proper gutter system. The experts at EcoShield install high-quality gutters that provide effective roof drainage customized to fit your specific property.


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Your home is perhaps your largest and most valuable investment. Why shouldn't you give it the best protection available? Aesthetic considerations are also important. Old gutters and downspouts that are dented or damaged take away from your home’s appearance and value.


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We focus on making sure you are equipped with the most up to date information when making a choice on your roofing, siding or gutter project at hand!

Gutter and Downspout Installation
Your gutter system preserves your topsoil against erosion and protects your exterior siding and trim from backsplash water that will damage paint and cause wood rot requiring expensive repairs.

When a gutter clogs, bad things happen! In a downpour, a clogged gutter will fill quickly with water and begin to overflow. Water gets dumped exactly where you don’t want it, against your walls. As the soil around your foundation becomes saturated with water, hydrostatic pressure often causes water to leak into the basement.

In addition to causing basement flooding, clogged and overflowing gutters can damage patios, decking, and plants around the perimeter of your house. EcoShield will have your gutter and downspout installation complete within a few hours and have you ready to protect your home from our unpredictable Carolina weather!

Are your gutters efficient for your rainfall levels?
Most homes experience damage from water, even with gutters and downspouts. There are several factors that may cause this. If a gutter system becomes clogged with leaves, twigs and other debris, it will overflow onto your home and yard.

If your gutters are pitched improperly or are undersized for the roof area that they drain, they will not be able to handle the water that they take on. Some properties require the downspouts to be extended in order to direct runoff farther away from the house. Five-inch K-style gutters or 6-inch half-rounds are the most common residential sizes.

These are able to handle the rainfall on most houses in most parts of the country. Houses with big, steep roofs or those located in climates prone to heavy downpours may need wider gutters and extra downspouts to keep rainwater from overflowing. North Carolina gets 44 inches of rain, on average, per year. The US average is 39 inches of rain year. Let us help you be ready for our summer rainy season!

To ensure an effective gutter system investing in gutter guards prevents leaves and large debris from getting into gutters. Normally gutters require cleaning twice a year. If gutter guards are installed, cleanings are required less often and are much easier to accomplish.

Gutter guard installation can be costly, but you will discover like many homeowners that the benefits outweigh the initial installation cost.
There are a number of reasons why homeowners choose seamless aluminum gutters over other types of gutters.

  • Durable, factory-applied finish. Aluminum gutters come with a factory-applied finish that is available in a wide variety of colors to match your home and/or roof. The finish won’t wear off or require maintenance unless you have to touch up scratched areas.
  • No rust or corrosion. Aluminum won’t rust or corrode; it’s truly a no-maintenance material.
  • Speedy installation. Our skilled crew can usually complete a seamless gutter installation on an average-size house in a single day, as long as the fascia boards along the eaves are in good condition.
  • Most affordable gutter option. Seamless aluminum gutters cost less than other types of gutters.
No painting, no corrosion. Copper gutters and downspouts won’t ever rust or corrode! The copper gutters will weather naturally into a tawny brown patina.

With other gutters, joints (at inside & outside corners) are sealed with special sealants that sometimes need to be renewed to prevent leaks. The joints in copper gutters are soldered together just like copper plumbing connections so you never need to worry about leaks.

Copper gutters and downspouts make a statement about craftsmanship and quality. Instead of blending into the roof structure like seamless aluminum gutters, copper gutters stand out, showing off their supports and their lovely patina.
New kitchens and bathrooms lose their appeal if there is water in the basement, streaks on the roof, or damaged gutters and downspouts.

Curb appeal is extremely important to the value of your home, and perception of your neighborhood.

If you are thinking of selling or buying a home soon we would love to talk to you about these areas of potential improvement!
What you can expect from our gutter services:

  • Inspection and measurements prior to installation.
  • Custom gutter solutions, measured to exact specifications.
  • Strong, seamless, watertight gutters.
  • Complete clean-up and debris removal.
  • Gutter protection and gutter systems installed by licensed professionals.
Different gutter and downspout materials have different benefits.

Gutters are available in various sizes and styles, each with their own benefits. Contact EcoShield Roofing to learn more about the types of gutters we install and which style is best for your home.
If you’re installing new gutters, it makes sense to think about installing a gutter guard(aka leaf filters, gutter covers, etc.) as well. Although the gutter guards are an additional expense, they will save you time and money in the future. They will be preventing clogged or overflowing gutters that can damage your home.

You’re already investing in new gutters or downspouts why risk having them become filled with rotting leaves, twigs and other debris that you will have to clean out?

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