Summer heat is a particularly dangerous enemy of flat or low sloping roofs, here is how the extremely high temperature and UV radiation associated with summer weather can damage your roof. Our commitment is to provide you with all the knowledge and help required to keep your commercial roof in good condition.

How Heat Affect Your Commercial Roof?


Summertime humidity can condense on your business roofs surface, which can lead to the growth of mold. While your roof won’t be damaged by this, it will make the surface slippery and increase the likelihood the mold will move to other parts of the building, where it could result in more significant damage.

Ultraviolet Radiations

It seems appropriate to note here that although UV levels are not directly related to heat, they increase with higher temperatures. The molecular linkages in your roofing material are susceptible to UV light, just like your skin is. The bonds gradually start to weaken  and shatter as a result of the radiation. The system as a whole is weakened and further failure are possible as these small holes increase in number.

Changes in Temperature

Your roofing system may expand or contract in response to temperature variations between the warm afternoon and cool evening hours. The roof continuous movements will ultimately hard the structure as a whole. It may also result in the development of fault lines inside the protective system, which can eventually lead the system failure, depending on the kind of roofing system that was installed.

Swelling and Blistering

High temperatures have the potential to melt or blister asphalt shingles. Furthermore, when the shingles shrink and dry out, they could buckle and lose their shape, which would make them appear unsightly and make your more susceptible to harm.

Chemical Breakdown

Even comfortably cool 90 °F exterior temperatures may quickly rise to a blistering 160 °F  on the roofing surface, depending on the type of roofing system used. Certain material used in roofing systems absorb and hold onto heat instead of reflecting it away from the building.  Extreme surface temperature have a chance to harm the materials chemical composition. This eventually result in the roofing system breaking. Unfortunately, it is nearly impossible to notice the collapse with the unaided eye and you only find out about it when the next rainstorm advise you.

High Humidity

Having a commercial roof subjected to high temperatures and humidity presents a significant risk. A roof may take in more moisture if it has expand as a result of the extreme heat. Commercial roofs are especially susceptible to keeping moisture in regions like the southeast, where summers are frequently damp. If water spots are not addressed, they might result in leaks and roof collapses.

How do you protect Your Roof from Summer heat?

Cool Roof Technology

Take advantage of cool roofing technologies. Coating, single ply membranes and even EPDM rubber roofing all have reflective qualities built right into the material. By reflecting up to 85 % of solar heat away from the building you can keep the roof temperature much closer to that of the surrounding air. As an added bonus, depending on your region, you can save up to 30% or more on cooling expenses.


Have your roof evaluated twice a year. Once in the spring to prepare for the coming heat, and again in the autumn to prepare for the upcoming cold temperature. Schedules inspections with a professional commercial roofing contractor are important.


Ensure that the attic or crawl spaces are well ventilated. This can help enhance ventilation throughout the area while reducing the roofing materials capacity to absorb and hold on to heat. Additionally, it provides some modest levels of insulation to keep the structure itself more comfortable.

Solar Panels

Solar panels can keep your commercial roof cool and act as a heat deflector. Photovoltaic solar panels use sunlight to generate electricity, whereas solar collectors heat water. If you have a flat roof, you can plant garden to provide shade. Over time, your roof starts feeling like it’s spent too many days at the beach, getting sunburned and crispy. But fear not! Introduce a solar panel array to the scene, and suddenly your roof goes from “ouch” to “oh yeah!” Not only does it stop your shingles from turning into crispy critters, but it also throws shade on your roof, keeping it cool like a cucumber. It’s like giving your house its own personal sunhat and a cool breeze to boot. Say goodbye to sweaty roofs and hello to energy savings!

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