It is right to say that having the right roof in place whether you are located in Greensboro, NC or anyplace else is really the best prevention from having to deal with any roof leaking repair situations. If you are looking for leaky roof problem solution in Greensboro, NC. Just contact EcoShield Roofing the trusted roofing company in Greensboro, NC.

The benefits of sturdy roof

1. Reliable protection and Structural support

Your roof acts as your first line of defense from the elements, including the sun, wind, rain and other natural threats. In order to give your house or building the necessary structural support, your roof also connects to the walls and attic.

2. Energy Efficient

In addition to providing dependable support and protection,  a sound rood does more. Your home becomes more energy efficient with a high quality roofing system that also provides enough ventilation and insulation, which ultimately decreases your heating and cooling expenses.

3. The curb appeal factor

It is certain that a dropping roof or a roof with other obvious imperfections will lower your homes curb appeal value. However, a well installed roof made of high quality roofing materials will improve curb appeal in general. Additionally, this will decreases the value of your house if you decide to list it for sale in the future.

Signs of damaged or leaky roof

1. Roof age

A well maintained roof will last for many years, but you will need to be aware of wear and tear indicators. A broken shingle, stains, fractures and visible mold or mildew on the material are indications that your roof requires maintenance. To eliminate any uncertainty, it is recommended to have a licensed roofing contractor examine the area.

2. Buckling

Naturally, your roof will be subjected to a range of unfavorable weather conditions. The shape of your roofing material may alter due to wind and moisture. For instance, buckling, or the warping of asphalt shingles, can be brought on by weathering. Shingles that have buckled should be replaced to avoid further damage to the roof.

3. Apparent Leaks

Leak is an obvious sign of roof degradation. Water entry can color interior surfaces, emit musty smells, and trigger more serious issues. If you detect multiple leaks in your roof, it is time to arrange a replacement.

4. Damaged flushing

Roof flashing can erode or wear over time due to exposure to the elements. Flashing is often made of aluminum galvanized steel, or copper. Even these metals are susceptible to corrosion over time, so have your flashing inspected by an experienced local roofing contractor.

5. Sagging

Even if your shingles appear to be in good condition, the roof may be sagging. Your sheathing may have been deteriorated due to water penetration or termite damage. If left ignored, this piece of your roof may collapse. If your see any sagging on your roof, your should get it repaired right once.

6. Curling shingle

Asphalt shingle roofs remain popular among homeowners, mainly in large part to their low cost. Temperature fluctuations cause shingles to expand and shrink over time, causing certain to curl and peel. If left untreated this will eventually cause roof leaks.

7. Loose granules

The reduction of broken tiles into loose particles is known as granules. Shingles grains can look like rubber pellets, however they are usually shed in the form of coarse sand. These granules typically collect at the end of your roof, covering your gutter troughs and finally out surrounding your downspouts. Too many shed granules signal that your shingles are balding, which indicates they are losing their essential water infiltration capacity.

8. Visible holes or exposed underlayment

You might ignore a minor roof hole here and there, figuring it isn’t a huge concern. Do not make such assumption. Even a small hole will become larger with time and the presence of any hole will have severe consequences. If you see any apparent holes or see daylight coming through from your attic, it is time to call a professional roofer.

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