If you have noticed green growth on your roof, it time to learn how to remove moss. While moss may appear harmless, it may cause significant damage to your roof system by deteriorating your shingles and encouraging  a growth of mold and rot.

First, allow lot of sunlight to touch your roof. Moss grows in moist and wet environment, thus minimizing shade is the ideal. You may do this by trimming branches or removing large trees that are covering your roof. Another strategy to avoid or stop moss is to keep your roof clean of debris like leaves, branches and seedpods.

This article will show your to hire professional and how to remove moss on your own roof.

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Moss usually creates the following damage to roofs

  1. Moss creates wet environment which promotes mold and bacterium growth.
  2. Moss promotes decay in the structural framing supports.
  3. Moss causes shingles to life, resulting in holes in the roof.
  4. Moss was creates by nature to retain moisture and moisture is one of the main enemies of a sound roof. When retained moisture freezes and thaws, the shingles can be pulled apart. Moss also trap dire as well as soil.

Follow these step to Stop Moss your Roof in North Carolina

A multi tiered techniques is typically required to stop moss your roof. It is especially problem in moss infested regions, such as residences located under trees or in other dark areas. Here is what you can do to protect moss from wrecking your roof.

Make required precautions for safety

Before beginning moss removal, conduct an roof inspection for safety because you will be working with chemicals and using ladder. Put on rubber gloves, eye protection, old clothes and non slip shoes. If you climb to the top of the roof, have your harness or safety rope close at hand. Use plastic sheets to cover any plants or other landscaping. After that, make sure the ladder is securely closed and resting on a level, solid platform.

Let the sun shine in

As pleasant as it may seem to live in a home snuggled among the woods. this is a sure prescription for moss infestation. There are multiple methods for reducing moss growth. However homeowners who live amid the trees must be prepared to fight an ongoing battle to keep moss off their roofs. Homeowners living in wooded area should keep tree branches trimmed so that they do not extend over the roof. Trimming back branches nearby or above your roof will allow more sunshine to reach it.

Sweep the roof regularely

Regularly brushing the rood is suggested because organic material attracts moss spores. This helps, even if it won’t stop roof moss entirely on its own. It is suggested that homeowners use a long handled brush designed especially for use on rooftops.

Regularly sweeping roof gives you a chance to check it for moss growth. If homeowners notice moth growth, they should remove it right away with a moss killing product that they may get at their neighborhood home improvement store.

Remove moss from shingles on roof

With a soft bristled brush, gently remove the moss from the roofing tiles or shingles. To maintain control over the action of your scrubbing, work in small portions. By doing this, you can reduce the amount of asphalt granules removed and prevent roofing materials from Breaking, splitting or ripping.

Apply on a sheet of copper or zinc metal

Installing copper or zinc sheet metal strips is an additional choice for people who are battling moss. On  either side of the roof, these strips might be placed below the top bridge. The metal release compounds into the rain that are toxic to moss.

If a homeowner chooses this course of action, robust stormed water discharge measure should be place. It is important to keep these metals out of nearby rivers since they could be poisonous to dish and other aquatic life.

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