If you have stains or leaks on your ceiling or walls but are unsure where they are coming from, the source is most likely your leaky roof. Catching roof repairs early can save you from costly roof damage later. 

The roof is your home’s protector, but it can’t do its job if you don’t know how to spot roof damage. Be aware of early signs like missing shingles or an open seam to catch any problems before they get worse—and save yourself some money!

If you require roofing repair in Lewisville, NC, contact a reputable roofing company in Lewisville. EcoShield Roofing is always ready to help you with all your roofing needs.

So when do you know you require roof repair? Let’s explore the signs of a faulty roof.

What Causes Roof Leaks?

Roof leaks are a prevalent issue. Cracks in the shingles or vents may cause them, and they can also lead to stains on ceilings and walls inside your home if left unchecked for too long.

Stained materials such as wood exposed to an untreated leak will eventually rot away completely, leaving you with nothing more than ruins of what was once beautiful furniture!

A roof leak is typically caused by tiny tears in your shingles or tiles where they have come loose. If you start to see cracks with light peeking through, it can indicate that there’s something wrong with the integrity of the material, which will most likely lead to leaking at some point.

Signs of Leaky Roofs:

  • Mold Growth
  • Wet or destroyed insulation 
  • Framing and roof sheathing that’s rotted
  • Impaired ceilings

The framing of a home is an integral part of its support and the insulation it provides. If you notice any cracks or sagging in your walls from exposed drywall, this could be a sign that there’s water damage behind it, and this could potentially lead to more severe problems such as mold growth due to poor ventilation. When leaks happen near electrical wiring, they can cause fires when touched by humid air particles.

Inspecting around window frames will often give insight into what might have caused bulging wall frameworks. Additionally, gaps between the floor and the wall separating basement areas encourage moisture to enter below grade. The possibility of this condition developing depends on numerous factors, including whether or not there are existing cracks in the foundation that allow water to seep through.

When your insulation is compromised due to water damage, it makes it easier to let cold air in during the winter. Roofing repair in Lewisville may be necessary if you notice any sagging or falling in suspended ceilings that are not appropriately attached.

Whether you need commercial or residential roofing services in Lewisville, trust EcoShield Roofing to protect your home from leaky roofs.

Roof Rot: Roofing Repair in Lewisville

If you notice any regions on your roof that are spongy or soft, then it’s likely the wood beneath them has been affected. Inspect these areas for signs of decay, such as mushiness and stains from fungus growth. Roof surfaces that have not been maintained will end up costing you in future repairs due to this type of damage.

A roofing company in Lewisville, North Carolina has the expertise to address common problems like water damage and mold. Suppose you notice your home’s structure is starting to sink more than usual or drooping because of this issue. In that case, it needs immediate attention from professionals who will remove any existing moisture before anything else happens!

If you notice wood rot and require a roofing repair in Lewisville, contact EcoShield Roofing for a free roofing estimate. Our expert team will be able to provide you with the roofing repair needed for your home. 

An Old Roof

If your roof is over 20 years old, it has most likely undergone a lot of weathering and can no longer protect your home as well as it used to. New roofs usually last around 30 years, depending on the quality and material used. If your roof is older, you’re likely in need of repairs. Proper maintenance is key to elongating the lifespan of a roof. 

A roofing company in Lewisville like EcoShield can inspect your roof and estimate the age and condition if you’re unsure.

Here are the top signs of an aging roof:

  • Blistering Shingles
  • Sagging
  • Bald shingles
  • Missing shingles
  • Moss
  • Curling or buckling shingles
  • Wood that is damaged

The roofing industry has changed a lot since the early days of construction, and now some materials will last for decades. In addition to these improvements in durability come advancements with affordability as well!

At EcoShield Roofing, we provide durable materials that are strong, affordable, and eco-friendly. Contact EcoShield for more information about roofing materials available.

Shingle Issues

The most common reason for needing a new roof is if the old one has gotten too damaged. Shingles that are curling, broken, or lost can all be signs of severe damage and indicate it’s time to get your roof replaced with something more reliable! 

However, if you notice some minor wear, it’s better to choose roofing repair in Lewisville and replace individual shingles as needed instead of going through an entire replacement job right away.

If your shingles have curled for more than a year or been broken by 30% or more, it may be time to replace them. EcoShield Roofing can assess what’s wrong with the roof and recommend an action plan accordingly. No matter if your roof requires minor repairs and patchwork or if it’s time to replace shingles and upgrade, we’ll help you rebuild your roof and get it back to looking great in no time!

Whether your roof requires minor repairs and patchwork or it’s time to replace shingles, we’ll help you rebuild the next generation of your home with a durable new coat that will last years and withstand harsh weather conditions. EcoShield provides both commercial and residential roofing services in Lewisville that you can count on.

When Should You Call a Roofing Company in Lewisville?

Roof repair in Lewisville is more cost-effective than a new roof; nevertheless, it is essential to detect roof damage before it gets out of hand. Early identification of roof repair issues can save you money and time.

The good news is that any minor damage can be repaired with a simple solution. The challenge comes when one side of the roof has been completely destroyed, as it may require more costly and time-consuming efforts to match up old shingles or install new ones for everything to look uniform again.

If a rainstorm has caused small cracks on your home’s siding from windblown debris or water seeping through tiny fractures in the external wall surfaces, repairing these issues will likely cost less than fixing entire sides that were damaged by storms.

EcoShield Roofing is the best choice for any roofing repair in Lewisville. We will always give you an accurate quote, explain our process clearly, and provide a seamless experience with timely updates throughout the job. You can rely on our friendly team to deliver outstanding residential roofing services in Lewisville.


If you need roofing repair in Lewisville, North Carolina, and are worried about leaks damaging your home further, schedule an appointment with EcoShield Roofing.


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