What is PVDF coating in roofing?

PVDF acronym is polyvinylidene fluoride, a polymer based on fluorocarbons. PVDF is a polymer resin that finds widespread application in architecture coating because of its exceptional qualities. Weathering qualities are represented by fluorinated materials. 1948 saw the patenting of PVDF. Since then, the ownership of the manufacturing rights to the material has changed multiple times. PCVF is sold under a number of brands, including as Hylar and Kynar. Hylar and kynar are trade names for PVDF; they are not coatings.

Advantages of PVDF

  • Low weight
  • Easy of processing
  • Large variety of color options
  • Excellent UV resistance
  • Superior longevity
  • Greater resistance to fading
  • Chemical and dimension stability
  • Mechanical strength
  • Good thermal stability

Disadvantages of PVDF

  • Moderate service temperature
  • Incompatible with glass fiber
  • It is costly
  • Moderate insulating capability

Other branded PVDF products

Many other good, which are considered to be PVDF products that are similar to Kynar, are as follows:

  • Hylar 5000
  • Kynar 500
  • Fluropon
  • Durapon 70

Comparison between Kynar and Hylar

Arkema is the trademark holder of the PVDF brand Kynar. Coating manufacturers that buy Arkema’s product are granted a license to use the trade name Kynar 500. The Hylar 500 registered trademark belongs to Solvay Solexis Inc. for their PVDF brand. The most well known PVDF brands in the United States are Kynar and Hylar. However other suppliers also provide comparable options. PVDF resins perform similar to industry standards for weathering, regardless of brand identification.

There is little difference between Kynar and Hylar PVDF resin other than they are manufactured by two different companies  and hence marketed under two separate trade name. The best coating currently on the market for use on metal roof systems is PVDF. Up to five delta E units, a 30-year fade warranty is sometimes offered for kynar 500 / hylar 5000 coatings. The majority of metal roofing contractors and manufacturers would never advise using a coating other than PVDF (kynar 500 / hylar 5000) on a residential product.

To protect your investment, the paint finish on metal panels and roofs is crucial. Long-lasting protection is provided by Kynar products, which also come in a different beautiful colors. Typically, Kynar coasting is found on metal roof panels used in commercial buildings.

Why should use Kynar 500?

Kynar metal finishing both popular and great for the reason listed below.

  • It is prefect for any climate
  • It is very resistance to dampness, making it suitable for usage in almost any environment.
  • Long lasting
  • Kynar is well known for its gloss retention. Which mean its will continue to shimmer and shine in the middy sun for years after it was initially applied.
  • A variety of option are available

Perhaps more striking than any of the other distinguishing features of Kynar metal finishing is its ability to be made in a multitude of colors and textures. You are not restricted to a single option, as one might assume from something, so strong. Instead, you can let your creative vision flourish unhindered. Do you want the metallic accent to be red? What about way, too? Kynar can achieve all of this while shielding, your finished structure from the elements.

Why should use Hylar 5000?

  • Coating formulated with 70% hylar 5000 resin.
  • It is superior performance
  • 40+ year of  durability
  • Good strength
  • Available in coil and spray applied
  • Wide range of colors
  • Environmentally responsible
  • Ease of maintenance
  • May applied to numerous substrates
  • Excellent post forming
  • UV resistance
  • Clean and high purity
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Author: William Sessions

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