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In 2016, Wil and Paige, embarked on the task of obtaining roofing quotes from various companies. Drawing from his background in customer service and account management, Wil identified several shortcomings in the customer experience during this process. After multiple estimates, they eventually settled on a roofing contractor. Placing their trust in a seasoned veteran with three decades of industry experience, especially given their young family’s needs, Wil and Paige anticipated a smooth and hassle-free project.

However, their expectations were far from met. The project encountered numerous hiccups, primarily stemming from poor communication. Working from home, they found the noise and activity around their property unbearable. Additionally, the crew’s unauthorized parking of their trailer on the front lawn, subsequent tire issues, unfulfilled promises, and failure to clean up debris post-project completion added to their dismay. Significant corners were cut, such as painting instead of replacing chimney flashing, leading to unforeseen issues like fascia rot.

For Wil, this experience highlighted an industry ripe for transformation. With many older contractors nearing retirement, he envisioned a modernized approach to roofing—one that embraced technology and set higher standards while prioritizing economic, ecological, and educational principles. This vision aimed to empower customers through clear communication and expectations setting for roof replacements, repairs, and exterior remodeling projects.

What does EcoShield Roofing Mean?

The Orgin of Eco dates back to Late Latin oeco means household, from Greek oik-, oiko-, from oikos house. We embody this connection to the household, as well as the essence of the house itself. “Oikos” was introduced by Aristotle in his theory of household management, which later evolved into the concept of “ECOnomics,” extending its reach to the national management of economic resources. This historical context is why we chose the name ECOSHIELD.

Your roof serves as the ultimate shield for your household—the protector of your largest investment, housing all your cherished memories within. However, roof maintenance or repair doesn’t have to be a costly endeavor, nor does it always necessitate complete replacement.

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to redefine the customer experience by surpassing expectations and continuing to set a new standard in our industry. We achieve this by harnessing cutting-edge technology to elevate the customer experience, investing in the personal and professional development of our staff to enhance services, and unwaveringly prioritizing the quality of our service and installations, irrespective of budget constraints. We are committed to honoring our existing customer commitments while continually striving to exceed our new customers.  Our most valued customer are the ones we have done work for and entered our family. We will always honor our family of customers first and foremost, with a long-term commitment, and view of our promised warranties to protect those customers’ homes. The way we do that is by being selective on who and how we do.

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