Residential Pressure Washing Winston Salem

Residential Pressure washing Winston Salem, NC

Pressure washing is one of the well-known techniques for cleaning outdoor and exterior surfaces. This technique uses high-pressure water to blast away dirt, debris, and many other contaminants. Using this technique even blast away surface stains, making your exterior surfaces appear new again. At EcoShield Roofing, we offer pressure washing for residential properties in Winston Salem, NC, and surrounding areas. Our team of experts provides the best cleaning and property maintenance solutions with a high level of customer service. If you are looking for a team of experts that wants to make your exterior superior, reach out to us. We are happy to provide top-notch services and excellent results. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment!

How our team choose a pressure washer

To match the housing materials to the proper water pressure levels, you might need to use a certain kind of pressure washer depending on the exterior of your home. Our team of experts chose a pressure washer as per the below criteria.

  • Vinyl siding can survive a 2500-3000 psi gas pressure washer.
  • A home made of aluminum, stucco, or soft grain wood will fare everything you need for rental in one spot, whether this is a modest project or you know won’t need to purchase a pressure washer.
  • Determining if you require any additional equipment, such as pressure washer telescoping or extension wands, which are useful for cleaning two-story or difficult-to-reach regions.

How much will cost to Pressure wash on your own house?

Depending on the model of the pressure washer, leasing a pressure washer from a home improvement center might cost anywhere between $35 110$ per day. However, the cost may vary depending on house size and other parameter.

Benefits of pressure washing your house

Improve curb appeal

Your home gets a facelift right away with pressure cleaning. Your home will seem brand new once all of the soil has been removed, revealing a clean surface beneath. power washing is necessary if you want to sell the house.

Lower repair costs

Details of your home facade can be hidden by layers of mud and stench. Most likely, any damaged portions of your home are obscured by dust. This will cause the necessary repair for your property to be delayed. Furthermore, if you mistakenly put off fixing these difficulties, they will only get worse, regular pressure washing will get rid of grime and dirt and espouse any flaws that require rapier, smaller scratches, dings, and other smaller damages are less expensive to fix than larger ones require replacement.

Improves general health

On the surface of your home, allergens and hazardous organisms like mildew and algae build up. They can produce airborne mold spores, dust mites, and pollen if left untreated, which can cause allergies in both kids and adults. All of these toxins are eliminated by power washing. Which also stops them from entering the home, regular pressure washing will help you live a healthier and more comfortable life in addition to improving the aesthetic of your home.

Saved time and money

Every surface of the exterior of your property receives a comprehensive, potent and quick cleaning by power washing. It is safe to claim that this method of cleaning your house is the quickest and most practical. With a bucket of clean water and a variety of brushes in your hand, cleaning every surface would take an eternity.

Keep  the value of the property

In general property values rise over time. However, if your home is broken, dilapidated, or dirty, that won’t be the case. Your home will maintain its value if you power wash it regularly.

Decreases risk of injury

Decreases the risk of injury pressure washing parking garages, sidewalks, and driveways can remove grease buildup, mold, and other contaminants that make the surface slick. The likelihood of slips and intentional injury to anyone utilizing these surfaces is decreased by regular cleaning.

Why choose Ecoshield for Residential pressure washing in Winston Salem?

At Ecoshield, our highly experienced team provides the best cleaning service possible to ensure that every client is 100% satisfied. Not only we have a highly experienced team, but we also strive to keep up with the latest advances in the pressure washing industry so that we always put our best with our services.

We understand that every customer has their own specific needs and requirement. We will work directly with you to develop a cleaning plan that lines up with your schedule and ensures quick and efficient washing. Give us a call at (336)-937-9673 OR contact us, and we will provide a free estimate of how much the work will cost. You can rest assured out quality of power washing services always come at reasonable prices.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much does it cost to pressure wash a house in North Carolina?

Pressure washing costs may change depending on the area you live and the type of pressure washing service needed.

2. Why is a pressure washing so expensive in North Carolina?

Pressure washing can be expensive in North Carolina because of the cost of the labor, equipment and other expenses.

3. What are the two main types of pressure washers in North Carolina?

Their are two main types of pressure washers: Gas pressure washers and Electric pressure washer.