Roof Replacement and Repair Services Lexington, NC

Roof Replacement and Repair Services Lexington, NC



Pick the Right Roofing Contractor in Lexington

Not all roofing contractors in Lexington provide equal work. Some are transient newcomer roofing companies that don’t have experienced teams and quality tools for roofing. The absence of experience and expert roofing certification can be negative to the landlords. Be sure that the roofing contractor you hire must be qualified for the kind of roofing installation or replacement application you need. The applications and installation techniques are altogether different and at times require a special license to introduce quality roofing materials. Therefore, EcoShield Roofing becomes one of the best roofing companies in Lexington that includes an experienced team.


Trust EcoShield Roofing When it’s Time for a Roof Replacement

Replacing the roof of your home can be a bit overwhelming. That is the reason you want to call a roofing contractor with phenomenal client service, integrity, product skill, and knowledge. Our group at EcoShield Roofing will guarantee you get the greatest quality replacement at a very reasonable cost. We aim to give the finest products and customer service in every work we do. Reach out to us at (336) 937-9673 or you can contact us via email at [email protected].


We Develop Highest Quality Roofing Materials

Be careful that a cheap cost on the new roof installation could be a sign. You observe the best cost on another rooftop that gives you the best quality. Well, you get what you pay for, and paying the least expensive cost for a rooftop fix or replacement could cost you more over a long period. Choose the best hands for the roof to find the best quality roofing services. Here, we stand!

The best roofing companies in Lexington not just shield the property holders from harm to their home and rooftop however they likewise safeguard their experts too. The last sort of insurance guarantee you need to be recorded against the property holder’s policy is one because of somebody tumbling from your rooftop.


Our Responsibilities

  • Delivering projects within the timeline
  • Inspect damages and fix them
  • Repair or replace broken/damaged pieces
  • Remove debris from roofs to place materials
  • Proper use of tools/equipment
  • Set up vapor barriers and vents
  • Install insulation and solar energy systems
  • Restocking roofing materials.

Roof Replacement and Repair Services Lexington

We Help You Pick the Right Roof Every Time

Building a new construction and considering new rooftop costs can overpower you. Nobody sees better compared to EcoShield Roofing how significant your new rooftop is. For your property’s appearance as well as to guarantee that your structure stays alright into the indefinite future.


EcoShield Roofing has a proficient and laid-out process to assist you with leading materials for your rooftop with different types of shades and styles. Our certified experts will advise all the benefits and disadvantages of every material and can make color suggestions to assist you with picking the right rooftop without any loss.


Each Roof Is Backed by Warranty Coverage

EcoShield Roofing offers a certain roofing Warranty, and that implies we can offer 20-to 50-year guarantees on roofing materials which means the full five-year guarantee we give on our expert craftsmanship. With something as significant as a rooftop, shouldn’t you have the assurance it’s covered for the years to come?


Whether you’re building a home for your family, or you’re a developer that requires rooftop construction for new homes, trust Lexington’s biggest and best-evaluated roofing company i.e. EcoShield Roofing.


We’ve assisted a huge number of property holders and entrepreneurs with the installation of new rooftops. Our expert team knows how to function with the construction of the board and even gives nearby quality control to the executives to guarantee the task is finished right.