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Roofing Services Clemmons NC

roofing services clemmons nc

People looking for a Winston Salem roofing company should look no further! We are Ecoshield Roofing, a top-rated, affordable, and family-owned roofing company. Our residential roofing services aim to provide homeowners with long-lasting, environmentally friendly, and comfortable options. 

Just as with any reliable roofing company, trust that we will be with you every step of the way throughout any project. We will discuss our materials, services, and insurance policies with you in detail. You can trust our professional team of roofers in Clemmons, NC, to get the job done right.

Residential Roofing Services 

Our Winston Salem roofing services include roof replacement, repair, gutter installations, and more. We are also a licensed and insured company, making it convenient for you to use our durable and reliable products.  


Roof Repair

If you are looking for expert roofers in Clemmons, NC, you can count on Ecoshield Roofing. If possible, we will fix a roof instead of recommending a total replacement. Here are examples of roof complications we can repair.

  • Natural wear and tear or harsh weather conditions may cause leaky roofs. They are common in asbestos or polycarbonate roofs. We can repair most residential roofing leaks. 
  • Trees can sometimes fall on roofs and cause damage. These damages are usually not severe and require repairs, not replacements. 
  • The roof has a part called the fascia, the portion that protects the lower edges. The fascia provides the first layer of protection against harsh weather elements and is usually subject to rot, mold, or warp. We can quickly repair a damaged fascia. 
  • The roof’s shingles may also suffer from excessive wear and tear. Shingles are crucial in protecting your roof from water damage, UV exposure, and high winds. We highly recommend repairing damaged shingles to prevent a total roof replacement. 

Our roofing specialists can visit you to assess the damage and provide you with cost and duration estimates. Shingle repairs usually only take a few hours, while leaks will take much longer. 


Roof Replacement or Installation

As much as possible, we recommend roof repair. But in some cases, a roof replacement is necessary. Here are some things to consider if your roof needs replacing. 

  1. Discoloration – This can happen over time and isn’t typically an indication of needing a replacement immediately but certainly a key to making a suggestion of replacing instead of repairing.
  2. Curling – The edges of shingles begin to curl. This potential could create vulnerability within the roof structure and shingle. One strong gust of wind and there go several shingles.
  3. Wear and Tear – This is always up to debate amongst roofers. Mostly because we do not have a crystal ball on weather. We have seen some shingles last beyond its life expectancy, while others fail too soon. However, we do compare the granular loss, if shingles are unsealed, and uneven wear or tear into this recommendation.
  4. 5 year rule – This is EcoShield’s policy on when to suggest a replacement. If the roof could last longer than five years than leave it as is. If the roof could/would fail within 5 years, suggest a replacement, but also offer other remedies. 5 years is a good indicator for what a homeowner is willing and wanting to do. Some people only want 2 more years out of a roof, and they’re moving. Some want to get 10 more years. It’s important to us as your roofing contractor to understand your plans. If you are going to move in two years, and you’re roof is looking like it needs it in 4 years, we are going to recommend it. Because the chances that you save money when you get it replaced in four is slim. Most pricing goes up as time passes not the other direction.
  5. Reparability and Installation-  Many times the best solutions is to start over. If the roof job is so bad within itself we cannot put our stamp of approval on it, we will recommend a full replacement. This does happen a lot though. We recently had a customer who had damaged from a wind storm. She was in a cookie cutter neighborhood built by a larger regional builder. All the shingles were nailed high and what we call “Blown through” meaning the air pressure was too much and nothing was holding the shingles down. We can only guess when and where they started to actually install the roof correctly. We cannot magically see when it started to be nailed correctly. In this situation, we always recommended a full roof replacement. This roof was unrepairable and install completely incorrectly.

We work with homeowners to determine the best products based on budgets and structural considerations. 

Gutter Repair or Installation

Having damaged or inefficient gutters are as bad as having none at all. At Ecoshield Roofing, we offer gutter repair or installation services. Gutter help with so many functions of the home. Technically in Clemmons, NC gutters are not code, meaning you do not need to install gutters. It is highly recommended however. Clemmons is wonderful Village, not a town, that’s the special part about this place. People treasure their homes, and work hard to keep the value of their homes high. Gutters are seen as a non-negotiable when buying, building, or selling a home. Gutter help move water away from the foundation of the home. Some homes are not built with gutters due to a builder or architect designs. Our red clay mud and soil prevents water from being absorb quickly, so moving water away from home is crucial for the longevity of the foundation. Gutters usually cost anywhere between $14.50 a linear foot, to 55.30 a linear foot. There are seamless gutters and traditional gutters, that you can usually buy at Lowes in 10 foot sticks. Seamless gutters are worth the money and extra labor due to the durability and lifetime warranty we provide. As weather is getting more and more intense every year, we are even noticing the gutters that are 5 inches are becoming smaller than the rain fall we are having. Therefore upgrading to 6 inch gutters can increase water flow by double. Is it time to get your gutters replaced in Clemmons?


If it is clogged, leaking, or pulling away from your home’s structure, it’s time to call professionals. 


Insurance Claims

We are roofing insurance claims experts. You can save time and money with our extensive knowledge of insurance coverage. You can call us to get free estimates and discuss insurance claims. It truly does take an expert to understand the claims process. Many times we see homeowners think they can profit from their roofing insurance claim. Insurance companies want to be fair and take care of the customer. But their first estimate is usually an introduction to negotiating. Here are some important items to keep in mind. 

  1. Always share your statement of loss with contractors you are considering to do the work. This will show you their level of expertise, and comfort in working with insurance.
  2. Understand the key terms with your claim. A knowledgeable roofer will understand RCV, ACV, how depreciation impacts your funding, and certain measures to be take to ensure you get the value of your insurance you have been paying for years… Remember your homes value was estimated, and then your insurance rate calculated on that value. Don’t let insurance give you less than the value you insured it for!
  3. We help insured gets what is owed to them every time. We work with insurance companies frequently and know how to handle their objections. Do you tell the dentist how to clean or what to do with your teeth? No. Do you tell your mechanic how to change your alternator, or radiator? No. You trust them with your valuables and irreplaceable. Same thing here. You can trust our knowledge and understanding.

Recommended Materials

At Ecoshield Roofing, we only use the best eco-friendly materials that will provide you with long-lasting safety and comfort. 


Asphalt Shingles

Asphalt is the most common material used for shingles in the United States. Asphalt is an ideal choice for residential roofing because it can cover many shapes, forms, and angles. The material will work well with most types of roofs. Asphalt shingles are also available in a wide variety of colors that can match any home style. Apart from the physical aspects, here are other advantages of using asphalt.

  • Asphalt is an affordable material. It also offers your home long-term protection. It can withstand most weather conditions, including high winds. 
  • Installing asphalt shingles makes your home more energy-efficient. We can help you create a system that reduces the temperature of the roof surface. Doing so will require less energy to cool your home. 
  • Our asphalt shingles offer a Class A fire rating — the highest rating available. They provide superior protection against fire penetration and spread. 


Metal Roof

We highly recommend using metal roofs because of their appearance, durability, and resistance to traditional roofing hazards. 

  • Metal roofs can last up to 70 years and sustain winds of up to 140 miles per hour. The high-quality metal roofs we provide don’t require periodic maintenance.
  • In cases of wildfire or lightning strike, metal roofs will not spark and combust into flames. 
  • Just like asphalt shingles, metal roofs are energy-efficient. They can reduce cooling costs by as much as 25%. 
  • Metal roofs are environment-friendly — they use up to 95% recycled materials! They are also usually recyclable after they exceed their roof lifespan. 


Vinyl Siding

Your siding should protect your home from wind, rain, and hail. We suggest using vinyl siding for a customized look. 

  • We have hundreds of vinyl siding colors that can match your home’s exterior. You may select from a wide selection of styles, trims, and accessories. This material will not flake, chip, or peel. Our vinyl sidings also have excellent color retention. 
  • Vinyl siding is dent-resistant. They’re durable and can withstand harsh weather conditions like cold, heat, moisture, and wind. You also won’t have to worry about mold, mildew, or insect damage if you choose this material. 
  • Vinyl siding is typically low-maintenance. You can use a garden hose to wash this material. With regular washings, you won’t need routine repaintings to maintain its appearance. 
  • We also recommend this material because it is recyclable and has a low environmental impact throughout its lifecycle. 


Solar Energy

One of the things that sets us apart from other Winston Salem roofing companies is that we offer solar energy options. 

  • Solar energy is a renewable energy source. As long as you have access to the sun, you can never run out of solar energy. 
  • With solar energy roofing, you can drastically reduce your electricity bill. Typically, a household using solar panels can save up to $850 every quarter or $3,400 per year. 
  • Solar panels require low maintenance costs. With our insurance and warranty coverages, you can enjoy the benefits of solar panels without breaking the bank. 


Don’t Leave Your Roof to Chance!

Your roof plays a crucial role in your safety and comfort. It protects you and your possessions from outdoor elements and extreme weather conditions. It can provide you with insulation and protect you from the summer heat or the harsh winter cold. Lastly, our solar energy panels can reduce your electricity bills. 

If you need residential roofing services in Lewisville, Clemmons, Advance, Bermuda Run, Pfafftown, Greensboro, Winston Salem, or High Point, trust Ecoshield Roofing. We guarantee durable materials, expert workers, and excellent customer service. Call us now at 336-937-9673 to get a free estimate.