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In North Carolina, we’re no stranger to heavy rainfalls and summer storms. In the event of extreme weather, heavy rain does far more than flood your yard or the street.

Typically, most heavy rains cause extreme runoff down the side of your building or home, eroding any topsoil, and even causing significant water damage to your foundation.

If your home or building has damaged or inefficient gutters, you’re overdue for a brand new gutter system installation because you shouldn’t have to worry about the integrity of your gutters every time it rains. Secure, structurally sound gutters and downspouts are important, which is why EcoShield Roofing offers professional gutter installation services and repairs throughout the Piedmont Triad. Whether you own a home or business in the area, you’ll never have to think twice about your gutters the next time it rains.

However, it might be hard to tell what’s going on with your gutters if you’re inexperienced with roofs. Before we install a gutter system, it’s important to understand what’s going on with your gutters.

Gutter Installation Winston Salem

How to Detect Gutter Damage

If you think your home or business has damaged gutters, but aren’t sure how to confirm your concerns, we can help. Pinpointing the direct source is an essential part of protecting your home. You should schedule service if you’ve noticed the following problems:

  • Clogged with leaves, twigs, or other debris
  • Leaking or overflowing onto your property
  • Gutter sagging or pulling away from your building

These problems can lead to several issues with your home. Excessive water that leaks onto your property can find its way into your home or building’s foundation, causing serious damage and internal problems. Also, your roof and home interior could face extreme damage if your gutters start to sag, or merely stay clogged for an extended period of time.

Instead of dealing with expensive water damage and additional home repairs, installing a new gutter system is a cost-effective and long-term solution to potentially harmful water damage. At EcoShield Roofing, we provide full-service restoration and gutter installation services for gutters and downspouts. We’re ready to roll up our sleeves and get to work whenever you’re ready.

Gutter Installation and Downspout Installation Benefits

The gutters and downspouts on your home or business might seem like a minor part of your roofing system, but they’re actually one of the most important parts of any home or building. Your gutter system helps preserve your topsoil against erosion and protects your exterior siding and trim from any backsplash water. Additional backsplash water from severe weather leads to extensive paint damage and wood rot on your home, which ultimately compromises its integrity.

In addition to backsplash water, clogged gutters are also incredibly dangerous for your home. During heavy rains or severe storms, a clogged gutter will fill quickly with water and eventually overflow. This water ends up running all down your home’s exterior, and as the soil around your foundation becomes saturated with water, hydrostatic pressure often causes water to leak into the basement. You’ll not only face serious water damage, you could potentially deal with mold or other unwanted fungi in your home. This drastic amount of water can also damage patios, decking, and plants located around the perimeter of your house. 

Rather than face this unnecessary damage, a new gutter system will protect your home during the most intense storms and inclement weather. Gutter installation leads to:

  • Less water damage
  • Safer living conditions
  • Cleaner backyards
  • More curb appeal
  • Fewer expenses

At EcoShield Roofing, we can have your gutter installation and downspout installation complete within a few hours, protecting your home against uncertain North Carolina weather.

Types of Gutters

Most homes experience damage from water, even with gutters and downspouts. There are several factors that may cause this, like too much debris or lack of gutter cleaning, however, there are other problems that can create water damage.

If your gutters are pitched improperly or happen to be the wrong size for your roof they can’t handle water runoff during heavy storms. That’s why it’s important to find the gutter type that works for your home or building.

The most common types of gutters for residential establishments are k-style gutters and half-rounds. K-style gutters are typically sized around 5 inches and can carry plenty of water during heavy rainfalls. They’re also available in many different shapes and styles, so depending on your home’s exterior you’ll be able to match what you see with ease. Half-round gutters are known for their smoothness, round shape, and ability to move water easily. No matter what you decide both of these gutter styles are great for homes.

Gutters are also available in several different materials. Depending on the size and scope of your gutter system installation you can install aluminum, steel, or even copper gutters. While aluminum is the most common gutter material, steel and copper are both very popular and flattering copper material choices.

If you’re ready to install a gutter system in Winston-Salem, Greensboro, Clemmons, or Lewisville, EcoShield Roofing is up for the task. No matter the situation our team of experienced roofing professionals has seen many types of gutter damage over the years. We’re prepared to roll up our sleeves and get to work because your home or office deserves nothing but the utmost care.


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Frequently Asked Question

1. What is proper Gutter installation?

Gutters are parts that collect snowmelt and rainwater flow by running horizontally along the roofing. Installing gutters should be done so that they slope progressively in the direction of the downspout. Installing gutters inclined at a quarter inch slope for every ten feet of gutter us actually suggested practice.

2. What is the minimum dimension of Gutter?

For seamless gutters, the standard gutter size would be five inches. Although you can also choose from other popular options, it is what many residential home offer. These may consist of 4-6 inches or 7 inch gutters in some situations.

3. Why do gutter fails?

Clogging, is the most common gutter issue of all, is the result of debris building up in the gutter and downspout, which blocks the flow of water and causes it to back up. This could give rise to foundation problems, leaks and damage to the attic insulation of your house.

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