Navigating Your Insurance Claim?

We are the Roofing Insurance Claims professionals! Our goal is to be an extension of you during your insurance process. We want to help you save both time and money. Of course, we would LOVE your business, but we understand that sometimes timing is not right and you want other quotes. We are here to help and expect nothing in return.

We are extremely knowledgeable on how to handle claims pertaining to your roof and comfortable consulting with you, on how to handle them. Do we know everything? That’s impossible! But we promise to work harder than anyone else to get you every cent you are owed.


Who Do I Contact First?

First thing is first! Make sure everyone is safe within your home! NEXT, contact your claims office. Your insurance agent more than likely will direct you there if you call them. Depending on damage and project length, we suggest reaching out to contractors immediately after your claim.

There might be “Storm Chasers” waiting at your door to provide you with services, but remember adjusters have a schedule and timeline and so do you. You might end up in too deep, too quickly if you don’t have a proper contractor there to help you along the way. A good contractor understands timelines, due dates, and overly communicates with you.

Will My Insurance Rates By Impacted?

Depending on your policy and insurance provider your insurance rate might not be impacted by making a claim. 99% of hail & wind damage is a no-fault claim that does not negatively impact your insurance. You will hear many people reference this as an “Act of God”.

We always ask your agent for a detailed description of your policy and how you will be impacted. A lot of roofers will automatically say no, but to protect yourself you need to confirm with your agent!

Should You Talk to My Adjuster?

If your adjuster requests a roofer not be present, we understand. HOWEVER, We love being present with your adjuster for multiple reasons:

  1. Build a stronger relationship between you and your insurance company. Your insurance company wants to get ahead of damages like these and for you remain their customer long term. Keep in mind, adjusters work for the insurance company… so they have an interest in denying claims.
  2. Make sure they are doing their due diligence to spot all damages. Adjusters have several meetings in one day, making it easy for them to miss something.
  3. So we can build a case together. Not every time will it be a full replacement, sometimes you might only have to fix portions of your roof.
  4. We know our industry and understand the insurance supplement side. That means we work hard to get you the most out of your claim. There have been various times where we have been a consultant for property owners that have increased their claim amount due to simple overlooks by the adjuster.

We treat the adjuster with respect & kindness, we know It all starts with building the best relationships with the adjuster to make sure you get the money that is owed to your insurance claim.

My First Check was Less than Expected from my Insurance. Why?

The first check you receive is for the Actual Value(AV), what your insurance values the roof to be at today. This value will most likely have your deductible subtracted out of the benefit payment. (For example: Your deductible if $500.00, AV is $2,500.00 your check is $2,000.00.)

The second check from insurance is sent once your contractor completes the job and the roof is replaced/repaired. This check is based on the Replacement Value(RV) in your supplement summary your insurance company mails you!

What if My Estimate is Different from the Insurance Estimate?

The best thing to do is ask for a detailed estimate to compare with your insurance summary sheet. Also, use your summary sheet to compare and ask your roofer questions on material and labor. Make sure you get an estimate from your roofer before handing over your summary sheet. Regardless of who is doing the work, Protect yourself first!