Residential or Commercial Roof Repair

Residential Roof Repair 

residential roof repair Winston

Have you recently noticed a troublesome water stain or two in your ceiling? Or maybe a few shingles are missing from your rooftop? If so, it’s best to repair these troublesome problems, and that’s where EcoShield Roofing can assist! We’re more than residential roof repair experts – we’re roofers who care about the integrity and safety of your home. The second you notice a problem, our team is there to provide affordable, long-term solutions.

If your roof has begun to leak or has suffered minor damage from inclement weather, it’s vital to get your roof fixed sooner rather than later. However, these signs of roof damage don’t mean you need to replace your entire roof – more than likely, we can fix the problem with a simple roof repair! At EcoShield, we know a damaged roof is concerning, but our team wants to repair your roof in a way that makes sense for your home and your wallet. That’s why we offer a variety of residential roof repair services, so you find the solution that fits your needs.

Depending on the amount of damage, our technicians will be able to assess and repair your roof with ease. Rather than push you to replace your roof, our team tries to find the safest and most cost-effective solution for your family. A worn roof with signs of aging or significant damage likely needs replacing, but we can fix minor repairs and damage in no time. Once you contact us about your roofing needs, we’ll send one of our roofing specialists to assess the damage. After reviewing your roof, they’ll create an accurate estimate reflecting the total cost of your repairs and how long it will take to repair the damage. Once you make a final decision, our team is ready to get to work.

At EcoShield, we’ve seen it all when it comes to roof damage. No matter the size of the leak, state of your shingles, or the number of fallen limbs, our team is here to find the right roofing solution for your home.


We specialize in a variety of residential roofing repairs, including:

  • Shingle Repairs
    • Shingles are one of the most popular and common roofing materials, but that doesn’t mean they’re immune to damage. Over time, or due to inclement weather, your shingles can break, split, curl, and lift, leaving your roof exposed to the elements. Luckily, shingle repairs are a straightforward fix. Our team can have your roof repaired in a few hours, depending on the scope of the damage.
  • Water Leaks
    • Lifted and broken shingles, or even fallen limbs, can compromise the integrity of your roof. Once the exterior has faced this kind of damage, troublesome water leaks can make their way into your home. However, a water leak is a highly manageable repair for our team. It will take time to find the source of the leak, but once we locate it, we’ll be able to repair the damage promptly.
  • Ventilation Repairs
    • When your attic or crawl space doesn’t have proper ventilation, any heat absorbed from your roof becomes trapped and can blister your shingles. This trapped warmth can eventually lead to rot and further damage. Our technicians will alleviate the problem and repair any damage to your beams or joists.
  • Storm Damage
    • High winds, hail storms, and other severe weather can take a toll on your roof. Our team of technicians are familiar with roof damage of all kinds and can find the right course of action for your roof.


Even though roof damage can be stressful, the right roofing contractor will find the solution to your roofing problem in no time.



Commercial Roof Repair

commercial roof repair NCWhen it comes to your business, every aspect matters – including the integrity of your roof. If your roof experiences high winds and rain and becomes damaged, our team offers various commercial roofing repairs that will return your roof to normal. Once we troubleshoot the problem, we’ll find the right long-term solution for your roof and your budget.

At EcoShield, we understand that hiring a trustworthy commercial roofer is a big decision. Before you choose to work with us, our team is willing to take the time to talk before service, so you have a better idea of our company. In our eyes, you already have enough work to do – let your roof become our business.

As a company, we pride ourselves on consistency, integrity, and total transparency, because our clients deserve nothing less. All of our roofing technicians use the highest quality materials during your project and make sure your roof can be easily maintained for years to come. No matter if you need roofing repairs, roof maintenance, or a complete roof replacement, our team is ready to get to work!

At EcoShield, our roofing specialists have seen a wide variety of roofs and roof damage. No matter the situation, our team is here and ready to help however we can.


If you require residential and commercial roofing repair in Greensboro, Winston-Salem, Clemmons, or other areas in the Piedmont Triad, contact our office today. Together, we’ll find the right roofing solution for your business.