[SEO LP] Roof Repairs in Advance, NC

Roof Repairs in Advance, NC

Is your roof in need of repair in Advance, NC?

Our repair team has over 35 years of combined roofing repair experience. This experience is in roof repairs only. Not construction as an industry. That is important. A lot of contractors will proclaim to handle roof repairs, even roofing contractors. However, our industry has grown into marketing and sales companies that don’t understand the complexity of roofing instead of being ran by individuals who understand the roof anatomy.

How much does it cost to repair part of a roof?

Roof repairs costs are based on the extent of repair needed, complexity of repair, and the materials needed. We can repair shingle roofs, slate and tile roofs, and even flat roof repairs in Advance, NC. If it’s a pipe boot, usually $450.00 for all the pipeboots, shingle repairs are $800.00 or more. Flat roofs are going to be more expensive due to the expertise and material needed, upwards of $1,300.00.

Regardless, not every roof repair service is the same or equal. We price out doing the job the right way. No corners cut. This might mean a more costly roof repair, however this protects you from future failed roof repairs that will ultimately cost you way more if you would have just spent more on a quality job, or materials… Trust us, we see something like this occur daily.

This is not the time to go after chuck in a truck for a low bid roof repair. Your roof protects so much more than money. It protects what you’ve spent your time on, a place to call home for yourself or family…

Can you repair just a section of roof?

The short answer is: Yes. You sure can.

Most shingles are manufactured with roof repairs in mind. Each shingle is made to be pliable, or easily manipulated incase of repair. Some shingles will be too brittle, or damaged to justify a repair, creating an effect we call “zippering”. This effect is when the shingles start to unzip where the following course or row is staggered above or below said shingle repair. These non-bonded shingles start to unzip because of a failed tar under the shingle. Yes you can caulk that shingle down and adhere it to the underlaying shingle, however this is not preferred and leaves potential for future roof failure.

Is there a good time to repair a roof?

Doing a roof repair in the cold is not ideal. Sometimes glues, caulk, and even shingles become too stiff to really make conditions ideal for an effective roof repair. During emergency roof repair times, we will use heat guns to unbind shingles, and speed up the bonding process once installed. Of course, there is never an ideal time to repair a roof due to the urgency of the situation. But, picking a warmer day is to everyone benefit. If you notice a roof leak in the Spring, do not postpone until Fall. Maybe ask your roofer of choice to tarp temporarily until you can schedule the roof repair.

Why do roof repairs cost so much?

With material costs, labor costs, and cost of doing business operations constantly increasing, the homeowner is being forced to pay higher prices. Therefore, this opens a market for low priced roofers to start entering the market in need. These roofers are usually fly by nighter, or storm chasers looking to make a fast buck. Side note: roofing is the only trade where you need a ladder, and hammer to perform. Roofing has the highest rate of unscrupulous acts due to a low barrier to entry into the trade.

This has caused projects costs to be more expensive as when a skilled tradesmen takes over another one’s work, there is an assumption of liability for the entire project as well. All these costs must be calculated into any contractors estimate, as contractors, homeowners, and even associations who advocate for both parties, should encourage their contractors of choice to stay in business to fulfill their promises made to previous/past customers. After all who are you going to call if your contractor is out of business who fixed your roof 1 year ago?

We charged for roof repairs based on several factors. We are not the lowest priced roof repair service in Advance, NC. And certainly not the most expensive. We strive to make a fair wage and provide a great product, and completed timely, we can do all three at what we quote our repairs. Anything less, it’s the customer who is compromising.

What is a common roof repair?

Most repairs we deal with happen at an intersection, penetration, valley. Where water could get in, it will do so! We once had a mentor in the roofing industry say these famous words to a customer “Ma’am, water is pretty thin stuff, and can find its way into any opening possible.” This is very true! Any where there could be an entry point of water, water will get in eventually. Here is a list of items we look for on the roof when diagnosing a roof repair.

  1. Skylights
  2. Chimneys and Chimney Flashing
  3. End Walls, Aprons and Dormers.
  4. Valleys that intersect roof lines.
  5. Other penetrations such as pipe boots, Furnace vents, attic fans etc.

Rotten Plywood From Roof Leaking

Why use a roofing contractor instead of handy men, or other contractors.

The number one reason is frequency creates certainty. We run into leaking roofs every day. There is nothing our team or EcoShield Roofing has not seen in your area. This means you can rest assured we can take stress off your plate and get leak solved. There a more and more companies offering roofing services in conjunction with their deck building, kitchen additions, and bathroom remodeling. When you have a leak you need it fixed immediately and speed to resolution. Call us today!

Various handy men, and builders are sometimes not properly insured incase something is to happen. Their insurance covers traditional building practices or certain workers compensation claims, but when it comes to roofing it can be an infraction against the NC Industrial Commission to not be properly insured as a General Contractor performing tasks outside of your insurance. When a builder is building a home or addition he or she is mostly subbing out the work, and acting as a paper contractor. Those types of contractors only carry what’s known as “ghost policy”. Not a true policy of protection for you the homeowner or further more, the crews working on your property. Its always a good idea to look for best roofers near me, or roof repair near me when searching. Usually a reputable roofer will pop up! To find us just search for roofers in advance nc and we will come up! Best of luck in your search and hope you found this helpful.

At the end of the day you can trust EcoShield Roofing to repair your roof. Our roof repairs come with a 5 year labor warranty, and the best process of diagnosing exactly where your leak is coming in at!

There may be times when you don’t need to replace the whole roof, but other companies will still tell you to have the entire roof replaced, which will cost thousands of dollars. Here at Ecoshield Roofing, we operate based on honesty and will only make necessary recommendations. We’ll make sure to save you money by telling you precisely what you need. At times this will be a roof repair over a full replacement. 

Ecoshield Roofing is the premier roofing company in Winston-Salem, NC. We provide a range of residential roof installation and roof replacement services and starting each project using a thorough assessment. Having such an organized approach allows us to tackle every project in our own unique way, ensuring that we’re able to take the necessary steps to give your roof a longer lifespan.

Providing ideal roofing, siding, windows, and business/home renovation services and products is extremely important to us. We’re never cheap when it comes to quality, integrity, and excellence. However, these aren’t our most important priorities. Our core value is to take care of people and our community, which serves as our primary motivation for the work that we do.


Ecoshield’s Core Values

We’re about more than just giving clients the top roof repair service and best customer services Advance, NC. We’re focused on helping customers, making personal and deep connections with people, as well as being a beacon in the communities where we serve. We do this by being a highly ranked local roofing company only 15-20 minutes away from the area, with the best roofers in Advance on call in case of an emergency. 

Pursuit of Excellence

We strive to be a company that genuinely values excellence in everything we do. Our team is made up of individuals who all share the same values and are all equipped with the opportunity to grow both personally and professionally. There’s no other team more dedicated than Ecoshield, and you won’t find anyone who can provide the same level of customer service or craftsmanship as we do. 



Integrity is essential to us, both in the business sense and in life in general. At Ecoshield, we believe in earning our customers’ trust. We do this by providing 2-way communication where we listen to what you have to say before talking. We also deliver on what we say we will do while we stand firm behind the promises we make, along with the services we proudly provide. 


We Put Safety First 

Even before COVID-19 arrived, safety was already at the top of our priorities list. We take safety so seriously that it’ll be hard for you to find any other company that can match the safety measures we put in place. We provide both worker’s compensation insurance for our dedicated team members and general liability insurance — no one takes both staff and customers’ safety more seriously than we do. 

Never Taking Shortcuts
We always make sure a job is done thoroughly, without taking any shortcuts or cutting corners to get the job done quicker. We take our time and make sure that everything has been done to the best of our abilities. We also keep in mind our client’s requests and provide a job that’s beyond their expectations. 

Always Learning
At Ecoshield, we believe in being trainable, maintaining a hunger for knowledge, and continually working on learning something new. Our staff is always willing to learn more to better understand the job they’re highly passionate about. We believe that there’s always something new to learn, so we make sure that our staff, no matter how experienced, will always be working to improve their skillsets and expand their industry knowledge. 


Taking Care of Each Other 

The team at Ecoshield truly believes in taking care of one another, whether it’s our staff, customers, or the community. We provide more than just residential roofing services — we give our customers care, honesty, integrity, and excellence. It’s not just about the job or the task at hand, but we actively seek to help in any way we can, which is why our customers have nothing but good things to say about our team. 


Services We Offer

If you’re dealing with any roofing issues at home, you can reach local roofers to provide you with services you can trust. Ecoshield Roofing can provide residential roofing services Advance, Winston Salem, Greensboro, and the surrounding areas. From repairs and claim assistance to installing a new roof, we can cover your home or business with a sturdy and reliable roof. Here are some of our other services:

  • Repair from storm damage: You can often avoid replacing the whole roof and can be repaired — we also offer free inspections.
  • Roof replacement: We can also help you choose the correct roofing product, which will work with your budget, needs, and home. 
  • Assistance with Insurance Claims: With us, you never have to go through an insurance claim on your own. We can act as an extension of your project during the whole insurance process.


Why Ecoshield Roofing? 

With years of experience and dedicated staff, we do everything it takes to provide you with quality results. As one of the top roofing contractors in Winston-Salem, NC, we can give all of our customers the personalized attention they need without any shortcuts. We are also proud to provide services to the following areas: 

  • Advance
  • Bermuda Run
  • Clemmons
  • Lewisville
  • Pfafftown 
  • Winston-Salem

We are happy to provide service to all clients within these areas, so give us a call at (336) 937-9673 for your free estimate.

Furthermore, Ecoshield Roofing is one of the highest-rated, most reliable roofing contractors in North Carolina. We’re also proud recipients of the Expertise Best Roofers in Greensboro Award for 2020, all because of our company’s contributions to the roofing industry. Being recognized has helped us reflect on our results-oriented approach and our continued focus on our work and customers. 

When you work with Ecoshield, you’re working with an award-winning team, top-performing staff, and unparalleled services that offer you high-quality results and excellent customer service. From your initial consultation to the final touches on your roof, we will see that you get personalized attention every step of the way.


For more details or to get help with claim assistance, head over to our website here