Should I Have My Roof Inspected Annually?

For many homeowners the roof is usually out of sight, out of mind territory. As homeowners we only start worrying about something above our heads when water is coming in, or we notice a stain. And at this point, the damage is done. We offer ROOFING INSPECTION’s for FREE, and have seen it all. If you are even concerned that your previously installed roof might have some mishaps give us a call. We are available to provide a detailed custom report with photos of our findings.


Why Roof Inspections from EcoShield Roofing Solutions Help:

Having your roof inspected annually provides you with a peace of mind that a dedicate professional who understands the installation process of a roof is on your roof. Need I say more about peace of mind. I mean, having it makes life a lot easier! Plus if anything is discovered, its better to be proactive in managing that risk. See point three.

Lets face it, your last inspection might have been a couple leap years ago, or when you just moved in. And if you’re on the go all the time, busy with life, the reality is your last inspection could have been longer ago… We suggest not turning a blind eye to your roof. If your last inspection was longer than one year ago, we suggest getting us on the roof to do a detailed 35 point review of your roofing system.

Imagine waking up at night with your ceiling caved in because of a leak that could have been prevented. Preventing water intrusion is a roofs primary responsibility. Annual Inspections can help shine light on any potential and future risks your roof might have.

We provide a detailed photo report within ten minutes of stepping off of your roof. We look inside your attic for indicators of rotting wood, water penetration, and potentially damaged decking. We do all the hard work for you so you can have that peace of mind with your roofing system.

Again, the entire reason for having a roof inspection is to feel comfortable that your roof is in good condition to hold up to water it takes on. We like to check roofs annually, and after every major storm…