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Experienced Siding Repair in Winston Salem, NC

When extreme weather hits, your siding may begin to exhibit noticeable indications of damage. Damaged siding may detract from the exterior appearance of your home and potentially reduce its value. You’ve come to the right place if you’re concerned about cracks or other damage to your siding. EcoShield Roofing contractors are skilled in making siding repairs to keep your house looking like new! We understand the proper procedures for the materials involved, and we will ensure that the project is completed efficiently and successfully.

What factors affect your siding?

Common Signs of Siding Issues

  1. Broken, ineffective, or absent caulking
  2. Cracked or warped siding components
  3. Your siding or trim has dry rot
  4. Your siding or trim has mold or mushrooms on it.
  5. Holes made by woodpeckers or animal damage
  6. Bushes and plants next to your siding

The type of siding that was used, how it was installed, the climate in the area, and the degree of damage incurred all influence the best method for siding repair. If it was installed improperly, vinyl siding, for instance, is prone to crack during temperature changes. To fight mold and moisture and stop exposing damage to the structure of your home, we may renail siding and also utilize other techniques like caulking, sealing, and painting. You’ll have more beautiful, long-lasting siding after we’re done!

The cost of siding repairs varies significantly depending on the type of siding (vinyl, wood, fiber cement, etc.) and the severity of the damage. For complicated or extensive repairs, it is best to contact a qualified siding contractor to ensure the work is completed precisely and quickly. Your siding may last longer and defend your home from damage with routine maintenance and prompt repairs.

A skilled contractor can make seamless siding repair

Some homeowners believe that siding can only be repaired correctly by replacing it entirely on the exterior of their homes. While installing new siding is the ideal choice in many cases, such as when building a new home, giving the outside a facelift, or addressing significant damage, fixing siding in particular locations is frequently sufficient. The knowledgeable specialists at Ecoshield Roofing can fix siding fragments while maintaining the aesthetic appeal of your house as a whole. Regardless of the type of siding material used on your home, we will make sure that new parts are placed carefully and precisely. When everything is done, it won’t be possible to tell where the old siding ends and the new siding starts.

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Everyone who owns a home should be proud of it when they leave in the morning or return at night. Ecoshield Roofing has the necessary supplies and skilled specialists if damaged siding is impairing your home’s safety or visual appeal.