The decision of whether to replace or patch up your roof will unavoidably come up for every homeowner. Every decision has pros and cons, and the choice you make in the end will depend on factors like cost, the nature of the damage, and your long term goal for the property. We go into detail about the benefits and drawbacks of patching your roof Vs Replacing your roof in this blog post so you can decide what is best for you.

Pros of Patching your Roof

Cost effective solution

Cost is still another factor to consider. Patching a roof will typically be less expensive than replacing the  complete structure. But it aren’t always like this. For instance, if your roof is made of asphalt shingles, patching could be more expensive than replacement because it might be challenging to find shingles that exactly match ones that already exist.


When compared to a complete roof replacement, roof patching is usually a faster procedure. This implies that there won’t be any major disruption to your daily schedule or lengthy work.

Easy Maintainece

Roof patching enables you to focus on particular issues areas without requiring a full reconstruction. This makes it easier to handle ongoing maintainece because you can quickly detect and fix small problems, preventing more serious damage.

Cons of Patching your Roof

Limited effectiveness

Patching may not be a long term solution if your roof is getting close to the end of its useful life. In certain instance, the total cost of several patches can eventually be more than the cost of a complete replacement.

Temporary solution

Although patching a roof could take care of the immediate problem, it might not solve any underlying issues. As a result, you may experience more issue later on that call for more fixes or may be an entire replacement.

Concerns about aesthetics

Roof patches may not match the rest of your roof perfectly, giving the impression that your home is less attractive from the exterior.

Pros of Replacing your Roof

Hiring a trusted roofing company

Unless you are a certified  roofer, you are a certified roofer, you should not attempt this project on yourself. Hiring a roofing firm also frees you from all the difficulties, they can obtain the supplies and equipment required for the project and handle every aspect of the job, giving you more free time.

Enhanced home value

A new roof  may add a lot of value and curb appeal to your house, attracting more purchasers and raising the likelihood that you will sell it for more money.

Replacement increase return on investment

If done properly, complete roof repair last a long time. They should to last a minimum of 30 years. This implies that you won’t have to pay extra money for it again because they won’t require a replacement for a very long time.

Superiors energy efficiency

Greeter insulation and energy are frequently provided by modern roofing materials. As a result, your heating and cooling expenses may reduces lower, finally replacing the cost of a new roof.

Cons of Replacing your Roof


Because your are almost certainly utilizing a roofing firm to complete the job for you, the cost of labor, the number of materials required and the time it will take can all add up to a significant amount when replacing a roof. It might not be something your want to think about if you have a limited budget for your roof.

Disruption to your home

Since roofing professional operate early in the day, you may hear hammers and other overhead noises while they are working of your roof. This means disruptions to your everyday schedule that you will need to get used to until the task is finished.


Replacing a roof requires more time than repairs. The replacement of the roof may take a day or more, depending on the material. Dealing with this when you move about your house without a stable roof over your head might be difficult.


Patching your roof can help you avoid eventually needing to replace the whole roof. But before you patch your roof, there are a few things you should consider.

  • Ensure that the patch is properly sealed to avoid entry of water
  • Be advised that patches might not match your roof’s overall color exactly, this is a purely cosmetic issue.
  • The installation of the patch could be more challenging than other kinds of repairs, depending on its size and position.

In general repairing you roof can help you avoid future, more significant damage and repairs. But before choosing a choice, it is critical to consider the pros and cons.

Replacing is new roof is an important undertaking. More time and money must be invested in it, as well as much more preparation in advanced than with a roof repair. However, there are numerous advantages to completely replacing your roof rather than patching it.

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Author: William Sessions

William Sessions started a roofing business in 2018 with a mission to create high-quality roofs for Winston-Salem and surrounding areas. He did jobs for Safeco, Liberty Mutual, All-State, and Nationwide for two years. In that experience, he learned how to properly inspect for Hail, Wind and other damages to shingles that would impact insurance claims. After that, he started his own family business and proudly served roofing service in North Carolina. He leverages his roofing knowledge and provides useful insights through blogs on