Being a homeowner requires regular roof maintenance. Roof repairs can cost as little as $100 in certain cases, but hundreds of dollars in others. You know that having your roof fixed would need a substantial expenditure, but what factors affect the price you pay and are there any ways to reduce it? You should be informed of the following.

What Determines Your Roof Repair Cost?

  • Size
  • Roof Design
  • Your Roof material type
  • Permits
  • Water damage
  • Labor
  • Features unique to your roof
  • Importance of a warranty
  • How much repair work is required


The size and complexity of the repair will significantly impact how much the roofer will likely charge you. Some professionals base their quotes on the number of squares they will need to fix. Approximately 10 by 10 feet, or 100 square feet, makes up one square. Expect to pay between $350 to $1200 per square if you only need to repair one.

Roof Design

Your roof repair cost will be greatly affected by the kind of roof you have and the materials required to replace it. For instance, shingles are less expensive than slate, and labor prices may vary depending on the slope and pitch of the roof.

Roof material type

Your roof repairs costs may vary depending on the type of material you have, materials can cost between $400 and $1600. Repairing flat roofing is frequently the simplest and least expensive sort of roofing material, although fixing metal and slate roofing costs more than asphalt roofing.


Most simple roof repairs won’t need a permit, but if your roof has significant damage, it is a good idea to verify and if necessary, get a building permit from your local municipality. Building permits typically cost between $70 to $250, and many localities have minimum fees for residential remodeling.

Water damage

Your roof repair cost will be more than they would be if you simply dealing with surface damage if your roof has water damage that could see[ through the roof decking and cause further damage. Although fixing water damage can be expensive, delaying care could result in having to replace your entire roof sooner rather than later.


A roofing contractor would typically charge between $45 and $75 per hour to fix a roof. You might only spend within this budget if your roof simply needs minor cosmetic work. On the other hand, you might have a spend much more if the work is extensive and takes hours or even days to finish.

Features unique to your roof

Repairing roofs with particular features, such as chimneys, skylights solar tube lighting and other fixtures, might be more expensive. If any of those components need to be repaired your roofer might be able to do it or perhaps suggest a nearby specialist who can. Your roofing contractor will still need to work around them even if they are not damaged which will raise the labor expenses.

Importance of a warranty

If your roof is still covered by a guarantee, you will probably save money on repair. For a roof warranty, many homeowners spend between $45 and $180 yearly. Before you sign a warranty contract, make sure to examine your home guarantee for details about the roof. Many home warranties cover leaks, normal wear and tear, and weather damage.

How much repair work is required

The cost of roof repair is greatly affected by the severity of the damage to your roof. It will be much less expensive for your contractor to replace a few shingles than it would be to restore the entire roof. But keep in mind that taking care of roof damage as soon as you notice a problem can help you avoid paying thousand of dollars in future repair and replacement expenditures.

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Author: William Sessions

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