Are you planning to install solar panels or solar roofing? You might know how solar panels work to generate electricity and how solar electricity can ran all your electronics appliances. Solar panel don’t require extra space for their installation, they can be installed on any roof. You don’t need an extra empty land area. The weather in your area, the slope of your roof, your monthly energy use, and the amount of time you believe to live in your home will all help you determine whether solar panels are ideal for you. Prior to installation, it is essential that you gain a deeper understanding of all available financing choices and the policies implemented by your energy company. Let us check solar roofing guide here in this blog.

Key points to consider before installing a rooftop solar panel

Roof age and condition

The majority of roof materials, including metal, flat, and asphalt shingle roofs, are capable of supporting solar panels. They point out that the efficiency of solar panels and the installation procedure might be affected by the condition and age of a roof. It recommends determining whether repairs are necessary or if your roof is almost at the end of its lifespan. He also says that with tiled roofs, it is a good idea to have tiles ready in case of any breakage during installation.

Warranty and maintenance

Recognize the warranties provided by the installer and the solar panels. Ask about the maintenance needed to keep the system operating efficiently as well.

Current energy use

We are aware of your energy consumption patterns, and the amount of your existing energy bills will be helpful in estimating the amount of solar energy you will need to produce. The cost per unit of power will be estimated by a reliable installation. De Pearce advises checking the installer estimate against the free US government site pvWatts to determine whether your solar panel system can generate enough electricity to completely replace your home’s current grid usage.

Roof Size and slope

A roof’s potential for solar panel installation depends on its orientation and condition. The efficiency of solar panels is affected by the roof’s direction and angle. To optimize the quality of sunlight your panels receive, your roof should ideally face south and have an angle between 30 and 43 degrees.  It might still be possible for you to install solar panels on your flat-roofed home. A skilled installer will know how to mount them to allow for the most sunshine.

Having extra energy stored

Regulations related to net metering and selling excess back to the grid is specific to each utility company.  Many times, the utility system is willing to put those megawatts to good use and give credit for the excess energy when a house uses less than what the solar panels capture. Depending on the region and utility company, the amount will change. If not, you can store extra energy in batteries for use in the future during periods of low sunlight or heavy energy consumption. Establish an approach to guaranteeing sustainability over the long run.

Cost and Financing

Find out how much solar panels will cost, how much they will need to be installed, and whether there are any local incentives or financing possibilities. To determine the return on investment, take into account the long-term savings on electricity bills.

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