One of the most crucial element of your home is its roof. It not only protects your home but also adds visual appeal and value to it. As a result, choosing the appropriate roofing provider is critical for homeowners. A reputable and competent roofing company in Winston-Salem, NC can assure a smooth roof installation.

Comparing Roofing Company: EcoShield Roofing Vs Other Companies

With over 5 years of roofing experience, we have built a solid reputation for providing high-quality roofing services in Winston-Salem and the surrounding areas. Our expert personnel are dedicated to providing great craftsmanship and client satisfaction. As a result, when comparing roofing contractors in Winston-Salem, we come out on top.

Also, one main advantages of choosing us is our range of services. From roofing, windows and siding, house washing, gutters to painting and deck buildings, we have the expertise to handle it all. We provide a wide range of roofing materials, including asphalt shingles, metal roofs, tile roofs, and solar roofs.

Service offered by EcoShield Roofing

We offer a extensive variety of roofing services to fulfil all your requirements. Some of our service includes:

Roof Installation: Whether you need a new roof or to replace an old one, we manage the complete roof installation process from beginning to end

Roof Repairs: We can provide quick and dependable roof repair services if your roof has been damaged or is leaking. Our team will assess the scope of the damage and offer a cost-effective solution.

Roof Maintenance: It is crucial to do regular roof renovation as a way to expand the lifestyles of the roof. We provide full maintenance services such as inspection, cleaning, and painting.

Steps for a continuing roof set up process

Here is the steps involved in a roof installation process:

Consultation and estimate

The roofing company will visit to your house and inspect your roof before giving you an exact estimate of the task. This is an opportunity to ask questions and discuss any special needs or concerns you may have.

Selection of materials
Once you’ve made the decision to proceed, you’ll collaborate closely with the roofing company to determine the best material for your roof. When making a purchase, consider considerations such as durability, beauty, and price.


The roofing organization will despoliation the brand new roof in keeping with the agreed-upon parameters. This includes creating roofing materials, ensuring sufficient ventilation, and fastening the roof.

Clean up and inspection

After the installation is complete, the roofing firm will clean up the area, removing any garbage or waste. They will also do a final check to confirm that the roof was completed correctly and meets their quality requirements.

Preparing the site

On the planned installation day, the roofing firm will prepare the site by removing any old roofing materials and checking that the underlying structure is sound.

Contact us for Roof installation services

If you are looking for roof installation services in Winston-Salem or surrounding area. EcoShield Roofing provide the best roofing services. We server Winston-Salem with residential as well as commercial roof installation services. Don’t hesitate to contact us at (336)-937-9673 for free roof installation estimate.

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