Winter is Coming! One question comes in the mind of Winston-Salem and nearby population is that my roof is ready for winter or not? If you have taken a loot at your roof, you will get actual idea about your roof. Does it need repair or complete replacement or are you confused? If you confused, then at EcoShield Roofing, we are here to answer your confusion. We understand that your roof is important part of your home. We want to help you to keep your roof in good condition. If you require any roof related service, just give us a call at (336)-937-9673. Also, we can check here in this article why metal roof is better as compared with other roof in winter season. The main reason is that metal sheds snow very efficiently. It is also known as shed snow faster and more effectively than other material. There are also more factor to consider before take decision about your roof before winter season. Read More!

Why a Metal Roof better for winter weather?

Energy efficient

Metal roofs are very energy efficient, which is important in the winter. They help to make your house comfortable and warm by reflecting heat and sunlight. As a result, your heating expenses will go down, and your home will be more comfortable. Additionally, metal roof panels are a great way to keep warm air inside and cold air outside.

More reliable wind protection

You need a reliable roof to keep you safe during the roaring winter winds. Shingles can be peeled off by strong winds, but a modern metal roof is designed to remain put. Standing seam metal roofs offer far greater peace of mind when a powerful winter front arrives since they are rated for hurricane-force winds.

Not flammable

The fact that metal roofs withstand fire is another benefit. This is particularly important in the winter when fireplaces, space heaters, and other heaters are used. In the event of a fire, metal roofs can help to avert disaster because they won’t burn or spread flames.

Easier to install in winter

For optimal installation, many common roofing materials require dry, sunny weather. This being the case, you might think that scheduling a roof replacement during the winter is not possible. However, it can. Except for a snowstorm or other extreme weather conditions, a metal roof can even be built in the middle of winter. You don’t have to wait for spring to replace your roof if it truly needs to be done. Just choose metal and receive your new roof right away.

Better home insulation value in the winter

You should think that having a metal roof would not help keep you warm during the winter because metal is a great insulator. However, it does. Research indicates that on a cold winter day, the inside air beneath a metal roof remains 20 degrees warmer on average than the interior air beneath an asphalt shingle roof.

What makes the metal roof the first choice for homeowners?

Improved value

The value of your residential or business property increases with a metal roof. They may improve the curb appeal of your house and are a popular choice among homeowners. Because they require less maintenance and last longer than other roofing materials, business owners love metal roofs. For any building, metal roofs provide long-term energy savings, which can be attractive to builders and potential buyers.

Reliable performance against a variety of threats

A metal roof is not only reliable in withstanding wind, but it also resists fire and lighting. Standing seam metal roofs don’t retain standing water and also don’t provide moisture much of a chance to get through. Additionally, moss, mold, and mildew grow poorly on metal.

Easy Maintanince

Metal roofs do not need to be replaced or repaired frequently, like shingle roofs do. For both home and business owners, their long lifespan and low maintenance requirements make them an invaluable asset.

An environmentally friendly roof replacement

Investing in a metal roof also helps the environment. Compared to shingles or other roofing materials, it has a lower carbon footprint because it isn’t petroleum-based. In addition to being entirely recyclable, the metal roof also includes a minimal amount of recycled metal. Are you considering a rainwater system or solar panels? The ideal mounting medium for these environmentally friendly elements is metal.

Give Your Roof the Care It Needs with EcoShield Roofing

We are happy to assist you if you require a roof repair or replacement after completing our roof inspection. EcoShield Roofing has a wide range of roofing materials and brands to help you choose the ideal match for your house. We’ll guide you through each option to ensure you’re comfortable with your decision! If you are looking for roof inspection in Winston-Salem or surrounding area. EcoShield Roofing provide free roof inspection. We server Winston-Salem with residential as well as commercial roofing services. Don’t hesitate to contact us at (336)-937-9673 for free roof inspeciton.

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